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When You Should and Shouldn’t Use Webflow

When You Should and Shouldn’t Use Webflow

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Webflow is great. It has tons of use cases. We love it. Though there are certain instances where Webflow definitely isn’t the optimal solution.

Today we’re looking at 3 fantastic Webflow use cases and 3 instances where Webflow simply can’t compete with platforms like Shopify or WordPress.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Any use cases we’re missing? What other things is Webflow not the best tool for? Let us know in the comments below.

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00:00 Intro
00:40 Use case #1
1:50 Use case #2
2:42 Use case #3
3:40 Do not use #1
5:27 Do not use #2
6:25 Do not use #3

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Comments (50)

  1. What should we use instead.

  2. Blogging and web hosting are the 2 biggest deal breakers for Webflow. Webflow's CMS was designed by a maniac, for no reason at all they reinvented the wheel in the shape of a triangle instead of doing what the rest of the industry does. WordPress is familiar to everybody, anyone can use it and there's infinite amounts of help online for posting blog posts vs zero for Webflow (try to find a video that just shows how to post to your blog). And then Webflow's lack of 3rd party web hosting makes it incompatible for companies that have used their web hosting for company files over the years, no chance they are going to go through the hassle/expense of switching to another web host while making sure all the old stuff still works just for Webflow.

  3. I am a front end developer but now for client work mostly I use webflow.

  4. it has been 3 years since this video, would love to know your opinion about webflow on the last 3 points. Are they stll the same or is it different in 2024?

  5. Summary:
    Pros of Webflow:

    Customization: Webflow allows for highly customizable marketing websites and designer portfolios.
    Ease of use for content updates: Webflow is easy to use for websites with regular content updates, such as blogs.

    Cons of Webflow:
    Not ideal for complex e-commerce websites: Webflow lacks features like user accounts, product customization, and multiple payment processors needed for advanced e-commerce websites.
    Not suitable for very large content websites: Webflow may not be able to handle the complexity of managing a large website with many editors.
    Learning curve for beginners:Webflow has a learning curve and may be difficult for beginners who are new to website building.

  6. Does anyone use Webflow (or alternatives) to build GUI desktop apps with tools such as Electron?

  7. Can webflow be used to create investment platform with user management dashboard?

  8. Simply stating randomly “ people dont like to work with WordPress” is truly telling about your skill and lack of objectivity in what you think you are saying. I use multiple Programming Languages , Tools and Builders and in fact WordPress is by far superior to Webflow in what 99% of people use website for …. CMS . Think before you speak ignoramus

  9. Hope you see my comment – I need to build a site for a non profit and need to build it to accept online donations for the charity – can webflow work for that or what would you recommend in that case for my site? I’m not a web designer but a member of the board for this charity tasked with this duty.

  10. This vid need an update on the e-com features of Webflow.

  11. Can I start blogging with wordpress
    Everyone recommends it, all I have to do is choose a good theme right? 😢

  12. Thanks. For my requirements I need something else.

  13. Hi Ran Segall, just need one help on form of my webflow. I give you site access, please don't charge (because it's small) & please help fix.

  14. Webflow is good for portfolio, only if you have $$$. I don’t so I ended up learning JavaScript. If you have the source code you can host anywhere you want.

  15. I appreciate the suggestions for portfolios near the end. Definitely not looking to drive a learning curve now

  16. Would you recomment Webflow for a large Homepage for a professional Sportsclub with around 500k Views per month. Also there have to be a lot a of Features like Calendarinteractions, tables, Socialhubs and many more

  17. Watching in 2023, taking it with a pinch of salt as I know the landscape will have changed. Still get the sense webflow is weaker on the ecommerce side. Anyone have thoughts on its progression in the last couple of years?

  18. Man thanks for this vid, everything is verry well explained.

  19. Can you do a video comparing Webflow to Wix? Or do you have one? I'm a beginner definitely dont know UX/UI but I am considering learning as it can be a valuable skill farther ahead. I'm studying CS anyway so it wouldn't be a worthless skill to learn for me.

  20. what a great video – so helpful … but what do you think of people that wanna do online counselling services? or selling any ebooks/guides? I am thinking of going with webflow! 🙂

  21. I just don't understand who this product is targeting. Someone who is knowledgable enough to construct a website with decent markup is probably faster writing it in code as opposed to a visual editor. I could see someone who is not skilled enough in writing markup and styles, who would benefit from seeing how properties behave. But someone at this skill level has a very slim chance of producing good results.
    Not trying to hate on webflow. I really don't understand. Any thoughts? Perhaps the CMS is the real selling point?

  22. I starting in webdesigning, and spend time on elementor but find it pretty hard and also not very flexible? What builder do you recommend if you would start today?

  23. Only you hate wordpress it seems, lol. I create online stores based on a lightweight theme that I later customize as a design, after making sure that everything looks good and is perfectly functional, I offer access to my clients and they already understand very quickly how to add products, how to manage orders + I offer them access through the woocommerce mobile application, as a bonus and they are very happy with all these things. If my customers are happy, my mission has ended and the conclusion is the wordpress is the best choice for many projects.

  24. I agree with using webflow only for customized presentation websites, but until you do it, you will encounter a cumbersome experience for building it. To make an online store with it or even a blog, it doesn't make sense, please consider many of the negative reviews on trustpilot of customers before choosing webflow, the technical support is difficult, you might get lost the project and if you want to make an online store, let it be the simplest, better choose wordpress or shopify, 100 times better choices.

  25. What about if you want to build a course/coaching/mentoring website? with the possibility to scale to multiple courses in the future.

  26. WordPress Elementor is better than Webflow for most cases. Only data management webflow is better

  27. Just use an outsource backend and you can build large CMS websites and large e-commerce websites.

  28. Great video. I’ve been using webflow in my company for many years. Webflow is actually better than Shopify for really large projects. I know that many people will disagree and that’s fine. However, I have been a programmer for more than 20 years and a designer for almost as long. Webflow can handle ANYTHING that you throw at it. The funny thing is that webflow actually thrives in extremely large platform builds. Where the problems occur is if you’re trying to deploy something large but have zero idea as to how that has to work on the technical backend then no it will be a problem. But when you understand the difference between a website and a web application it totally changes how you see and even use webflow. Squarespace, Shopify, wix, and even WordPress DONT process their shopping experience, either Strip or PayPal does. Stripe powers Shopify. We did a brutal use case to see which platform was the most flexible and gave you the most freedom and was the most scalable. Webflow DESTROYED EVERYONE!

    If you’re finding your builds not scaling, webflow isn’t the issue. It’s has a backend that is highly programmable. Furthermore the same companiy that allows Shopify to deliver an amazing shopping experiences powers webflows e-commerce. Webflow is built for high volume scaling. What makes webflow so different is that it is VERY open and you can integrate it with ANYTHING. Webflow can scale to as large as you want and be as customizable as you want. In order to really tap into its power you’ll need a strong understanding of how applications work and process data. You also have to understand how flow and state work in the context of a larger application and system. Webflow can do whatever you want. But YOU have to know how to tell it what to do. Our agency went through more than 5 platforms before we started using webflow. We build some awesome projects and all of them have been deployed using webflow and we’ve never had an issue. Webflow is a tool that will do what every you ask. But you’ve got to speak the right language which means speaking more than one language.

    Finally, there will come a point when it makes more sense to deploy your own standalone web application. Webflow can even help you transition by becoming the tool just for building out the front end design that will sit on your own infrastructure. Shopify, Squarespace, and wix don’t do that on the level that webflow does. The only thing better than webflow is to program the whole system yourself lol. Hope this helps. Stay safe and be blessed.

  29. If you build up the same business like "Boiler Room", would you roccomend webflow for it?

  30. Would webflow be a good platform to build a website for a non profit that has global donors? I have been building websites for clients with wix and squarespace (I have hated my wordpress experiences) – but I am starting to take bigger clients and do not want to make the mistake of using the less professional options in regard to SEO, security, and stability for this organization that hopes to grow.

  31. "wordpress – which everybody hates working with"
    So I love and hate this statement – personally I don't like WP because I never took time to learn it (I was Drupal at the time)
    However you can't say something like that because Webflow will be WordPress in as little as 5 years.
    Pick your tool, learn it and create solutions for customers, and be prepared to change your toolkit every 2-3 years!

  32. If you swallow one more time while talking, I’m gonna punch you in the neck.

  33. "Everyone hates WordPress." Got my vote on that one. I'm going to great lengths to find a suitable alternative.

  34. WordPress with Divi is also very easy and no-code style. I can make nearly all I want and more with small css coding…
    But on top of everything, also webflow, good to have Frontend Dev skills.
    Plus, years ago I paid for lifetime Divi plan and now I'm building my sites free of charge.
    With webflow, there is constant, monthly fee. It is perfectly fine to pay once you arre on the level, when you build and sell your sites on regular basis, but starting your freelancer path and building one now and then, webflow is a monthly cost…

  35. @4:47 how to use Webflow just for the front end for an Ecommerce store? I don't really get that 🤔

  36. Should I use webflow as my primary platform for building a marketplace? (Combined with airtable + memberstack)

  37. I think Webflow is best for designing, whether front ends or backends…if you export them into your own VPS, then all the rest is irrelevant. That's how we use it anyway…we do the design in Webflow, then export the site, and translate the html into blade templates, which is really a trivial amount of work and something we still have to do if we did the design outside of Webflow (blade is for Laravel, but you could also easily translate them to Mustache or Handlebars as well). I don't' think I would host with Webflow unless I was making a site that I anticipated would have wild fluctuations in usage…although you could host on AWS and have the same dynamic scaling.

    For most of our use cases, the demand is pretty predictable. Whatever the end use, Webflow is a great design aid…really speeds things up.

  38. What is the best builder for a media company website? 😃

  39. Cool video but what should i use if i wanted to build something like very simple facebook (messaging users, creating groups, subscriptions, custom profiles, search for users with custom filters, etc..)

  40. One of the main reasons I'm making a website is to have a big website with loads of products and to have users log in and store their information. I noticed you said Webflow wasn't good for this.

    What would be a good alternative and the best website to give me the freedom to make amazing things like Webflow but also give me that storage in user data and products?

    Thanks in advance.

  41. Webflow is not scalable at all, customer service is a joke and multilanguage is a nightmare. And by the way, I like Webflow but it's just too limited.

  42. Im a music, sound, and game designer, but i am VERY picky and templates never seem to have quite what I need. I’m using WordPress now but its so meticulous with keeping plugins up to date that i may switch. Just had to edit php files. That was educational, but not fun.

  43. Funny how you ignore WordPress in your examples what a phage

  44. question guys if I want to build something with the idea of like Uber or Airbnb witch way to go?


  46. Everybody hates working with WordPress? I guess I've heard it all now ..

  47. 100% agree

  48. Totally agree, I was excited to use Webflow with my clients because of all of the design freedom, however, most of my clients are eCommerce business or need booking capabilities like doctors or hotels, who also need login credentiale, hence Webflow is no suited for my type of customers.

    And I know some plugins and advanced code could make it work, it honestly, the price of Webflow plus the price of each workaround does not justifies choosing Webflow over Shopify.

    I wonder if a platform so limited could be sustainable in the long run.

  49. Does webflow have database, i want to build job board using only webflow is it possible

  50. Idk… I hear what your saying, but coding will always be king when it comes to frontend and backend development for clients

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