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Website site you have to know: Landingfolio

Website site you have to know: Landingfolio

Save time on finding and building components with https://www.landingfolio.com/

And if you want more awesome FREE resources click the link: https://bit.ly/3C8gBeL

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Comments (49)

  1. Once again Ran to the rescue.. thank u Flux

  2. Does it work for wordpress

  3. The word is “Hover”, not Hoover…
    Thank You

  4. That doesn't make any sense since Pakistan is a Muslim country.

  5. Awesome thanks!

  6. wow nice😀

  7. Let me tell you what my UX/UI design mentor with nearly 15 years of experience said: I didn’t spend a single dime on these “timesavers” and never will, there is no need of it, you can find or build everything for free, don’t waste your money for nothing.

  8. The website is slow as hell cannot even look at the resources they are providing

  9. Fuckk that's marvelous 🤝🔥

  10. HOE'VER!

  11. Find this.. my note 📝

  12. Webflow Chuck

  13. Is it possible for WordPress

  14. ui ux is scam anyways

  15. Is there a version for WP / Elementor?

  16. Or you can just become skilled with experience by doing it yourself, which will over time save you even more time as you iterate on your own work and become more efficient and most of all save you a TON of money as opposed to spending a fortune on all these different "time savers"

  17. WEB DESGINER is popular these days

  18. I thought he was gonna say, Absolutely Free.

  19. how can I do in wix website

  20. Copy to smegma?

  21. Or better, learn basic coding (HTML/CSS) and get fresh components free from websites like bootsnip.

  22. thanks

  23. Awesome

  24. I mean, you're not technically clickbaiting or being dishonest, but for some reason I would have liked to know it's a service behind a pay wall. Next time consider including that part too.

  25. great!

  26. Your camera is soo perfect!!!

  27. Flowbase

  28. How can I download shorts man?

  29. Thanks

  30. Thanks man

  31. Okkkk

  32. I swear being a Graphic/UI/UX designer you will eventually be paying 4000 $ a month to all these different subscription based time saving cool websites

  33. Sponsored much? 🙄

  34. Bruhhh how do I save this vid

  35. okay, nerd

  36. Joke:what do you call it When coders dont have any friends???

    Error 404 "

  37. Shame not for WordPress as that’s where I learnt to build sites and don’t fancy the change now 😢

  38. Free?

  39. How do I paste them to shopify

  40. I thought this website was only known to smart people like me. Now this has also gone viral😅🚀

  41. Nice thanks

  42. for those wondering price of the full version with all components unlocked:
    $49 for 3mo, $99 for 1yr, $264 lifetime

  43. Thanks mann

  44. Free?

  45. “AHAAAAH” to find this later

  46. Thank you

  47. Very nice one

  48. Ward planted

  49. This feature are there in divi theme in build

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