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Web Design Companies & Agencies In Austin To Know

Web Design Companies & Agencies In Austin To Know

Given the continuous rise of sectors such as e-commerce, businesses are faced with an ever-increasing need to build up a powerful online presence. And as a result, web development employment keeps growing each year. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, web developer jobs are projected to increase by 13 percent between 2018 and 2028. For a sector with strong economic potential, the web design and development field is naturally composed of a wide range of technologies. From Drupal to WordPress, there are countless frameworks that developers use to create complex, compelling websites. 

As one of the nation’s fastest-growing tech hubs, Austin boasts countless web design companies and agencies dedicated to helping businesses conquer the online marketplace. The city’s many web professionals have the expertise needed to serve organizations in a broad range of industries. Whether you run a small family-run business or a nationally recognized brand, these web design companies and agencies will give you the online image needed to attract and retain key customers. 

Web Design Companies + Agencies in Austin to Know

  • GoDaddy
  • HMG Creative
  • Mighty Citizen
  • Envision Creative
  • Fahrenheit Marketing
  • Frank & Victor Design 
  • Workhorse Marketing

Founded: 1997

GoDaddy is a services platform that enables small, independent businesses to build websites and grow their online presence. The company’s platform enables users to purchase domain names and build custom websites using a variety of different templates. Boasting 18 million customers worldwide, GoDaddy additionally empowers businesses to attract site visitors, manage their online presence and purchase a professional email.

Who they work with: Small, independent businesses.  


HMG Creative web design Austin
HMG Creative

Founded: 2003

HMG Creative is a full-service digital agency that specializes in web design and development. The agency’s web expertise includes visual design, content hierarchy, information architecture, design guidelines, content integration and interactive mockups. HMG Creative’s other services include audience research, branding, SEO and email marketing.

Who they work with: Thermo Fisher Scientific, System Surveyor, College Forward and Capital Factory.


Mighty Citizen web design Austin
Mighty Citizen

Founded: 1999

Mighty Citizen is dedicated to helping mission-driven organizations craft brands, build websites and launch marketing campaigns. The agency’s web development specialties include Drupal, WordPress, ExpressionEngine and Kentico. Mighty Citizen offers a variety of other services such as competitive analysis, branding, copywriting, social media advertising and SEO.

Who they work with: The University of Texas at Austin, The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Cisco College and Texas Health & Human Services.


DIGITECH Web Design web design Austin

Founded: 2011

Founded by Darryl Stevens, DIGITECH Web Design is dedicated to helping its clients capture and keep their target audience’s attention. The company focuses on areas such as digital wireframing, marketing web development, web application creation, content strategy, backlink building, brand discovery and marketing automation. The company’s client base stems from a variety of sectors including entertainment, education and marketing.

Who they work with: Universal Music Group, Heart Water, American Heart Association and Peak Performers.


Envision Creative web design Austin
Envision Creative

Founded: 2001

Envision Creative aims to take a holistic approach to branding and marketing. The agency focuses heavily on web design, offering services such as custom WordPress development, hosting and maintenance, technical SEO audits and responsive web design. Envision Creative’s other specialties include social media marketing, PPC advertising, content marketing, branding and graphic design.

Who they work with: Hilton Hotels, Whitestone Brewery, Make-A-Wish Foundation and Global Wildlife Conservation. 


Fahrenheit Marketing web design Austin
Fahrenheit Marketing

Founded: 2008

Fahrenheit Marketing is a digital agency that focuses on web design and development. The agency offers a variety of services such as responsive web design, WordPress web development, marketing automation, content creation and mobile app development. Fahrenheit Marketing’s client base stems from a broad range of sectors including healthcare, financial services and food, and beverage.

Who they work with: Periphex, Muscari, Lammes Candies, Firmspace and Clark & Taft Crafting Company. 


Pound Design+Branding web design Austin
Pound Design+Branding

Founded: 2008

Pound Design+Branding is a branding, design and web development firm dedicated to bolstering brands. The firm specializes in a wide range of services such as WordPress theme development, landing page design and development, promotional design, logo design, social media templates and retail design and packaging. Pound Design+Branding’s client base spans a variety of industries including hospitality, tech, entertainment and real estate.

Who they work with: Rabbit Hole Brewing, Esticom, B Side Properties, iQuate and The Growler Bar. 


Pallasart Web Design web design Austin
Pallasart Web Design

Founded: 1996

Pallasart Web Design is a digital web agency that specializes in developing a wide range of websites. The agency’s web services include responsive web design, small business web development, e-commerce site creation and WordPress development. Pallasart Web Design also offers services such as logo design and SEO.

Who they work with: Fedha Nyuki, The Moorings of New Harbor Maine, Austin Auction Gallery and Hayden Homes. 


Left Hand Design web design Austin
Left Hand Design

Founded: 2004

Left Hand Design is a graphic design and branding company that focuses on various web-related services. The company’s specialties include WordPress and Squarespace web development, responsive web design, e-commerce site creation, email campaigns, social media branding and logo development. Left Hand Design offers other services such as packaging design, event branding, tradeshow displays and promotional materials.

Who they work with: The Republic Kitchen + Bar, GreenWave Naturals, 5020 Restorations and Scallon Ranch. 


Frank & Victor Design web design Austin
Frank & Victor

Founded: 2006

Frank & Victor Design is a strategic design agency that offers a broad range of digital and print services. The agency’s capabilities encompass responsive web design and development, information architecture, CMS implementation, brand strategy, analytics and marketing materials. Frank & Victor Design aims to help brands build meaningful consumer experiences and ignite growth.

Who they work with: Tige Boats, Whole Foods Market, Blanton Museum of Art and Hamilton Shirts. 


Lakeway Web Design web design Austin
Lakeway Web Design

Founded: 2012

Lakeway Web Design is a digital agency that specializes in custom WordPress web development. In addition to WordPress development, the agency offers services such as custom plugins, SEO, content creation, storyboard development and project mapping. Lakeway Web Design works with a wide range of organizations including startups, federal and state governments, and brick-and-mortar establishments.

Who they work with: Social media platforms, luxury retail brands, educational institutions and more. 


Kona Made web design Austin
Kona Made

Founded: 2019

Kona Made is a creative studio that develops branding and design experiences for both small and large businesses. The studio offers a wide range of web design services such as website architecture, wireframes, responsive web design, and custom WordPress and Squarespace web development. Kona Made’s other services include print collateral, digital advertising, packaging design and typography styling.

Who they work with: Methodize Austin, Yerbae, Cervelo and FitJoy. 


Workhorse Marketing web design Austin
Workhorse Marketing

Founded: 2003

Workhorse Marketing is a branding, marketing and advertising agency dedicated to helping businesses drive performance across their entire organization. The agency’s suite of web services includes e-commerce web design and development, CRM integrations, API development and integrations, and cloud security. Workhorse Marketing also offers services such as competitive research, content strategy and production, online reputation management and active analytics monitoring.

Who they work with: Austin Technology Council, Sympliant, Electricity Shark and Viva Day Spa. 


Lion's Share Digital web design Austin
Lion’s Share Digital

Founded: 2013

Lion’s Share Digital is a web design firm that offers a variety of web-related services. The firm’s focus areas include WordPress web development, art and festival website creation, corporate website development and e-commerce web design. Lion’s Share Digital also specializes in email newsletter design, digital branding, social media strategy, and hosting and domain management.

Who they work with: The Glitch Mob, Boreta, Every90Minutes and Electric Forest. 


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