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UX/UI BEST PRACTICES FOR WEB DESIGN: Free Web Design Course | Episode 12

UX/UI BEST PRACTICES FOR WEB DESIGN: Free Web Design Course | Episode 12

This is what you need to know about UX UI design to quickly improve as a beginner.
The best tip I can give you is to not make people think. Don’t be original, be obvious. Don’t be witty, be crystal clear.

Additional Resources
Book: Don’t make me think https://www.amazon.com/dp/0321965515/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_.zq1EbD0MFEYY

· Intro 0:34
· Copywriting 4:00
· Buttons 6:02
· Images 11:16

Watch every video of the Free Web Design course here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXC_gcsKLD6n7p6tHPBxsKjN5hA_quaPI

Learn how to build custom websites with Webflow FAST: https://bit.ly/3xyBsoF

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  1. What a brilliant video. Great advice, simple and practical.

  2. how do I even call you know………….that was funny

  3. Thanks for the new video! I’m looking forward to seeing what other content you post! Always good to learn as much as you can!

  4. How do you find such bad websites for examples?

  5. Thanks for the new video! I’m looking forward to seeing what other content you post! Always good to learn as much as you can!

  6. I didn't realize it but I learned all this stuff when I was in school in the 1970's, only they didn't call it web design. They called it advertising and page layout. I majored in advertising and marketing and all of these principals applied back then. Nice to know it still does.

  7. Thanks, teacher! I like your video!

  8. Thanks, I found this video beneficial.

  9. Hi, I've been studying Web development for about two years, I'm great as a code master I. E solving code problems or correcting errors, but the greatest problem I'm having is designing. I get confused when it comes to knowing what layout and colors to use for a particular website. Can you please help me with this problem?

  10. Hi Ran, just wanted to leave a comment since I've watched every video in this series up until this one at this point and feel that I am learning so much with so minimal friction in my learning as compared to my previous research here and there into UX design. I wanted to let you know I greatly appreciate you making this free and qualitative course on UX design and that you do an amazing job at explaining for a complete beginner like me. What you're doing is so very helpful and is definitely producing practical good in my life– and I have my fair share of difficulty paying attention to things. Thanks so much!

  11. I just getting started with your course. I have looked at many sources of info for web design. You videos the best. Are a great help.
    But have to say that you background intro noise just doesn't match the quality of your program. I use "noise" because it isn't music. It's just jarring noise. It puts me off and makes want to get away. I don't leave because I do think your program is first-rate. I plan to stick around for a long time despite that first bump Sorry to be so blunt. Just my honest reaction.

  12. Episode 12

  13. Hi Ran and team, love your content and amazing generosity in sharing and teaching – its great to see your tutorials and insights and I come from a time before UX/UI phrase existed but Ive used those priniciples in all my work and career where common sense and user testing feedback was the way things were done in putting together websites, landing pages etc. I wonder your and others here thoughts on the massive rise, focus and turn to UX/UI buzz phrase where not everyone has the opportunity or luxury to spend thousands on attending bootcamps and other money spinning mega courses but also where not every design project needs or has the time for drawn out UX research/testing/

  14. Thanks for the content. May I use this video on my website for viewing by my site visitors? I await your positive response.

  15. Is it my phone or something wrong here? Ur head seems bigger than usual. Ur using a different lens or something?

  16. what is life

  17. great tutorial man. I'm Nice tutorialgh af and I understood tNice tutorials so well I was just hype to get to making s

  18. TNice tutorials man did a really good job of explaining ever tNice tutorialng ever one else don't really go into detail

  19. Ima get the 0 dollar one is it rlly good or nah?

  20. k; nbj

  21. it! Glad I watched tNice tutorials video, feel like an idiot lmao

  22. Thank you, It was really helpful.

  23. W

  24. Nice cheeks bro

  25. What a legend only one ad in the beginning . Your so damn underrated


  27. Thanks tNice tutorials helps alot man!!

  28. The comnt section is very positive and downright encouraging! Love it!

  29. Just started using soft soft and I made so of my own soft. I made one I actually really like, but the others are all so trash and so

  30. wish tNice tutorials could be

  31. anybody's, pls rember that! i wish all of you the best in your future endeavours and hope tNice tutorials year will treat us better

  32. The only tNice tutorialng I learnt myself in soft soft is pressing tab in the keyboard to bring up the channel rack

  33. imagination

  34. Heey thank you for all

  35. ayo broke gang help get through cracking the software too bro

  36. fire video, thanks bro

  37. I'm unstoppable I'm a Porsche with no brakes

  38. fr

  39. when i typed in soft soft tutorial i did not expect it to be tNice tutorials good thank you so much aaaaaaa

  40. !!! Thanks a lot …☺️☺️

  41. Plz tell or give description link it is my earliest request

  42. co lol. Thanks for the aweso tutorial!

  43. Thank u so much, this course has really been helpful.

  44. thank you

  45. Clickable ?!👌🏽
    Only possible 👇🏼
    Without confusion 👌🏽✅

  46. Confusion is very bad 🤌🏽
    And it will be sabotage all efforts and time!

    Specially when is positioned on status or main tiltle👌🏽

    Thank you sir 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️its usefully helpful 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  47. 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  48. The Apple's page is not the best example of labeling buttons explicitly. I'd be afraid that clicking the "Buy" button on Apple's page would automatically purchase the phone. This button should really be labeled "Shop" or "Add to Cart".

  49. Thanks for your videos! I really enjoy watching them and how you explain it in a way I understand also in a not boring way lol ☺

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