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Trello and Stack Overflow Founder Joel Spolsky


Trello and Stack Overflow Founder Joel Spolsky

Today I’m joined by Joel Spolsky. He’s co-founder of Trello and Stack Overflow, and author of the iconic developer blog Joel on Software.

I hung out with Joel in his New York City home to discuss his 4-decade-long career as a developer and a CEO. He shared his insights on software engineering, product design, running companies, and how he uses AI as a tool.

This interview is the culmination of years of learning from Joel through his blog and using the tools he’s helped make. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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You can also listen to the podcast below in your browser:

Me hanging out with Joel Spolsky at his New York City home where I interviewed him. He’s holding the iconic Stack Overflow Control+C Control+V keyboard.

Links we talk about during the show:

The Joel Test

Making Better Software video course series from the early 2000’s playlist on YouTube

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