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Top 3 AI Website Builders: How to Create A Website in Minutes (no coding)

Top 3 AI Website Builders: How to Create A Website in Minutes (no coding)

The best AI website builders and how they compare in pricing, ease of use, customizability, functionality and more. Plus how to use them.

Mixo: https://mixo.io/?via=fp-yt
Durable: https://durable.co/ai-website-builder?via=fp-yt
10web: https://bit.ly/10web_io
Detailed comparison: https://aitoolverse.io/the-best-ai-website-builders/
Wordpress Tutorial I Used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhltwjuiEk4

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There are a lot of website builders incorporating AI and ChatGPT now. Web design is easier than it’s ever been. You can build a professional website within minutes without any coding knowledge. These different ai tools have varying levels of capabilities, prices, and customizability. Some have AI assistants which incorporate ChatGPT to help with writing. I cover everything you need to know with my personal examples so you can decide which is the best ai website builder for you and your goals. Also, every web builder I list lets you generate websites for free to test them out, so you can experiment before committing.


0:00 Intro
0:17 Mixo
1:14 Uncody
1:30 More Mixo
1:57 Durable
3:46 How to Make a Logo
3:58 10web Overview
5:37 10web How To
7:40 My 10web Site
8:17 Summary


Comments (49)

  1. Mixo and Durable have had large updates since this video. Mixo now offers inner pages instead of just a landing page, and Durable can generate a full blog including dozens of posts.

  2. Thank you ❤

  3. durable can't even have any decency on a simple online chat.

  4. trying it now, i tried framer and welium and so far those been cool , waiting on 10web to load it up now tho excited

  5. great vid very informative thanks

  6. Great tutorial! thank you!

  7. awesome111

  8. All are 100% trash. It's better to just buy HTML templates from your standard website template shop and get some good designs. These examples in the video are generic trash taking web design back to the early 2000s.

  9. I love your content so much! Always have 🙂

  10. These sites are nice but incredibly basic. They do not do anything unique or advanced.

  11. Great. Thank you!

  12. Looka now has a website design tool that will incorporate logo IF you purchase the "bundle" package. Have you explored it yet?

  13. That video was on point! Made me think of Mobirise AI, though – it's still in development, but it's gonna be lit when it drops, hope you'll review it.

  14. I just found out about your channel and found it extremely useful, motivating and very straightforward! Love it! Thank you so much! I have a question though, after designing and making these web sites on these platforms, can my web site be exported and loaded to my own hosting provider such as AWS?

  15. Thanks dude, well explained, just what I was looking for

  16. DURABLE sucks!!! it is imposible to get any usefull help. IA is a loop of useless redirections. I try to cancel my account and most likely I will loose my money.

  17. Wow! I saw this pop up and needed something to drown out all the background noise and it ended up being amazing! Thank you!

  18. Amazing

  19. At long last, a no nonsense guide to web site providers.

  20. 10wb or framer for digital marketing agency website setup?

  21. all trash

  22. do you know about about the ghost website builder? im wanting to add a video chatroom to my website but have no idea ow to do it… any ideas?

  23. How about building online stores, how easy it is, like shopify?

  24. How to build a website on the blockchain? Web3..
    Im sick of not owning my domain. Im ready for true ownership ❤

  25. can i download the code of the generated site by me

  26. but… all these websites look particulary the same…same layout and so on..boring 😀 but thanks

  27. I'd rather pay someone on fiver. tbh…

  28. Ive already built a WordPress site and have siteground hosting. What in this case?

  29. Is it secured does it contain ssl ?

  30. A big thanks for sharing this web hosting video! Ive experimented with Hostwinds and GoDaddy, however Cloudways with TST20 coupon is the top pick.

  31. Ta pissing me off I clone a website but I can’t change their fucking number to mine ts is fucking stupid But I fucking change the goddamn mobile website in the button actually fucking work so where the fuck is this button I wanna fuck do I edit it on the actual fucking website

  32. Any suggestions for a website with one-time payment? Anyone please help

  33. Awesome.

  34. Thank you for this amazinng video! Ive tried Hostinger and Bluehost, however Cloudways with TST20 coupoon is the true money-saver.

  35. This is excellent thank you.

  36. really appreciate through analysis.

  37. I apologize if my questions may seem dumb but how can I use these Ai websites? Can we sell on those websites just like Etsy? Is it secure? Can we share our products like books even if it’s free but no one can easily steal them?

  38. Great video! Thx and greetings from Austria.

  39. Do you know of any AI web development sites that allow you to create member profiles in the web building options?

  40. Can I add videos to the websites I create on Mixo

  41. I wanted to make sure and leave a comment to tell you how much I appreciated all the work you did to make this content actually helpful. YouTube is just being crammed with so much terrible useless crap. This is the type of thing I actually look to see and I'm going to make sure that I keep your Channel for the future. Thank you for the time you spent and for being very direct and clear.

  42. Great video thank you!

  43. Great video! Was exactly the info I was looking for.

  44. Hello, do these solutions also allow me to use WordPress plugins?

  45. Hello, can I use WordPress plugins?


  47. Your content is great – much appreciated!

  48. For someone who has been with WordPress from the beginning, this is very intriguing. I need to give 10Web a try.

  49. Subscribed. Thank you sir

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