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Top 10 JavaScript Algorithms for Coding Challenges


Top 10 JavaScript Algorithms for Coding Challenges

Are you gearing up for coding interviews and looking to strengthen your grasp on JavaScript algorithms?

We just posted a course on the FfreeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel that will equips you with the essential skills to excel in Leetcode-style coding challenges. Let’s explore what this course has to offer. Mukhtar from Coding Monkey developed this course.

The course begins with an introduction that sets the stage for what you’re about to learn. It emphasizes the significance of algorithms in coding interviews and how mastering them can be a game-changer for your career. The course is structured to transform your approach to problem-solving, enabling you to tackle Leetcode problems with newfound confidence.

Here are some of the algorithms and challenges you will learn about:

Reverse String & Integers

Learn how to manipulate strings and integers by reversing them. This section teaches the fundamental techniques for reversing data types, a common task in coding interviews that tests your understanding of strings and number manipulation.


A palindrome is a word, phrase, number, or other sequences of characters that reads the same forward and backward. This section covers the strategies to determine whether a given input is a palindrome, showcasing your ability to work with strings and logic.

Max Char

Identify the most frequently occurring character in a string. This algorithm is crucial for understanding character mapping and frequency analysis, which are pivotal in many coding challenges.

Array Chunking

Learn to divide an array into chunks of a specified size, a vital skill for data manipulation and organization in coding tasks.

Title Case

Transform the casing of strings to title case, where the first letter of each word is capitalized. This section hones your string manipulation skills and attention to detail.


Discover how to check if two strings are anagrams of each other, meaning they contain the same characters in a different order. This algorithm tests your ability to analyze and rearrange data.

Count Vowels

Counting vowels in a string is a fundamental task that reinforces your understanding of string traversal and character comparison.

Fizz Buzz

A classic problem that combines numbers and strings. You’ll learn to output “Fizz,” “Buzz,” or “FizzBuzz” based on a number’s divisibility, sharpening your logical thinking and control flow mastery.

Steps String Pattern

Create a step-like pattern using strings, a unique challenge that enhances your understanding of nested loops and string manipulation.

Pyramid String Pattern

Build a pyramid with strings. This algorithm takes your loop skills further, challenging you to create a visually structured output.

Spiral Matrix

As a bonus, the course offers a section on creating a spiral matrix, an advanced challenge that will test your array manipulation and pattern recognition skills.

This course is an excellent opportunity to refine your algorithmic thinking and prepare for those daunting coding interviews. Watch the full course on the freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel (2-hour watch).

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