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The end of photoshop? (Photopea Plugin For Figma)

The end of photoshop? (Photopea Plugin For Figma)

Could the Photopea be the next Photoshop?

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Comments (41)

  1. You can do the same exact thing on photoshop, just as fast

  2. It is pretty good for simple stuff like that

  3. "photo pe-ah"

  4. Photopea is a good photoshop substitute.

  5. I want photopea to have the generative fill tool

  6. 🫛

  7. Photopea is nice alternative! Definitely has potential to do it!

  8. Come on man, at least learn how to pronounce it…

  9. well, when you think that dreamweaver let you edit photos 8admittedly opening photoshop or else) back in the 90 is no that insmae after all

  10. its photo peee aaa

  11. MEH

  12. I used to use photopea until I got photoshop and photopea’s layout was harder to use than pixlr

  13. Figma balls

  14. Haha lol. This won’t touch photoshop.

  15. Firefly joined the race

  16. figmaballs

  17. changing colors is the end of Photoshop … (facepalm).

  18. Who's Figma? 💀💀💀

  19. Yeah you could have just drawn a better green shape ontop of the photo with the pen tool in figma and set it to color. This was clickbait

  20. As a photographer and visual artist, I mainly use Photoshop to change the size and format of a picture as well as the liquify tool. For the rest I use Lrc and Bridge

  21. Figma is owned by Adobe. A Figma plugin cannot replace Photoshop.

  22. This is the best of em all.. FIGMA. I just hope they wont sell it to adobe

  23. Amazing

  24. photopehahh

  25. The END of Photoshop 😂

  26. That shit was awful

  27. No it is not it can't do things photoshop can

  28. I hate this..this might be the end of (insert). Overdramatizing for clicks.

  29. PhotopeĀ

  30. Figma nuts heh

  31. Lmfao def not replacing Photoshop

  32. Photopea is also a website lol

  33. As digital designer, I can confirm, Photopea is far from Photoshop, IF you truly know how to use it & what you CAN do with it.

  34. I have only ever used photopea because I am not going to pay for Photoshop. Here's a little secret: Photopea is worse than Photoshop. Less tools, less fluidity, and a lot more manual than Photoshop. Just because it is a plugin now, doesn't mean it's going to do a better job

  35. So it's Photoshop without Photoshop

  36. It's photo pea (pee) like the little green peas you eat 🧐

  37. that's not even a picture …

  38. i use smegma

  39. Yea na this is by far not the end of Photoshop hahahah

  40. I've used both. Photopea doesn't come close to what Photoshop can do. On the surface because of the practically identical UI it seems like the same thing, but no. Photopea only mimics a fraction of of Photoshop's power.

  41. this is meant ironically right?

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