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SQL Full Course | SQL For Beginners | Mysql Full Course | SQL Training | Simplilearn

SQL Full Course | SQL For Beginners | Mysql Full Course | SQL Training | Simplilearn

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This SQL full course or MySQL full course video covers everything to master structure query language using MySQL, PostgreSQL as well as SQL server. You will get an idea about built-in SQL functions, joins, subqueries, stored procedures and see the top SQL interview questions that are frequently asked in the interviews.

0:00:00 SQL Full Course
0:02:57 What is SQL?
0:05:54 What are ER Diagrams
0:15:05 Types of SQL Commands
0:18:19 How to install MYSQL on Windows?
0:25:40 MYSQL built-in functions Explained
1:04:54 How Group by and Having Clauses Work?
1:07:23 Practical demonstration of Group by and having Clause in MySQL
1:35:39 What are Joins in SQL?
1:38:00 What is an Inner Join?
1:54:16 What is Left Join?
1:58:40 What is the Right Join?
2:07:03 What is a Full outer Join?
2:10:42 What is a Subquery?
2:32:25 Triggers in SQL Explained
3:13:30 What are Stored procedures in SQL?
3:37:53 How to use Views in SQL?
4:01:46 How to use SQL with python
4:14:50 Establishing a connection with SQL Database using Python
4:18:02 How to create SQL tables using python
4:26:25 Inserting and Updating data using Python
4:32:30 Querying tables using SQl commands with python
4:49:20 What is PostgreSQL?
5:06:22 How to insert records in PostgreSQL?

Dataset Link – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1aLVazCdDKFyL5thzOH9j08gFPMj_kLQf

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This Data Analytics Program is ideal for all working professionals and prior programming knowledge is not required. It covers topics like data analysis, data visualization, regression techniques, and supervised learning in-depth via our applied learning model with live sessions by leading practitioners and industry projects.

✅ Key Features

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✅ Skills Covered

– Data Analytics
– Statistical Analysis using Excel
– Data Analysis Python and R
– Data Visualization Tableau and Power BI
– Linear and logistic regression modules
– Clustering using kmeans
– Supervised Learning

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  3. can you please provide the csv file for the same!
    the excel sheet for the corresponding database!

  4. I love how he explained things slow easy to follow, unlike other guys talks like 65 miles an hour.

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  11. 1 hr:25 min :— Instead of using —> select c.product_id, sum((s.sell_price – c.cost_price)*s.quantity) as profit…. here instead if i use —> s.product_id does it make any change. Because both are same id values. someone please answer this….

  12. what is difference b/w SQL and MYSQL

  13. u r a fool for not telling us the way to download post gre sql

  14. Thank you so much for providing such an excellent content free of cost. Can you please provide the data set for practice?

  15. Can someone tell me why I’m getting a error message
    ModuleNotFoundError:No module named ‘mysql’ when I’m typing in the jupyter notebook

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  18. Hello sir
    How I make state bus management in sql

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  20. Hello sir
    i have a query regarding inner join
    I am watching your video of SQL but I installed SQL server 2022
    You creat a table C_product which is not creating at my server an error msg displaying that this is not available in stored procedure

  21. Sir i am epidemiolost .verious disease outbreaks .i am going to analyse .so how sql will help me. For database and analyse it. Pl guide

  22. In subquery section – for update and delete subquery why do we use different tables name in the sql statement.
    Delete from employees where age in ( select age from employees_b where age> 30); here employees and employees_b two tables used

  23. 1044 access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' to database how to fix it can any one please help me for creating a new table show like this error

  24. I have an doubt regarding the key attribute like in that example name could also been a key attribute ryt?

  25. I love you. Its a very detail and awesome course. 8 hourse do not feel sonlong ❤

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  30. Hi.. I am planning to visit India next month….
    Is there any place you teach?

  31. Is there a website simulator I can use for my MacBook? My laptop won't allow me to download MySql.

  32. @SimplilearnOfficial
    Please give us the data table used in this SQL not just the data codes that have been used.

  33. 55:17 when you inserted a table with students name??? please check your content bfore uploading.. this can create huge confusion

  34. Please help me get the Classic models data used in this video like 'Product', 'Productlines' etc.

  35. How to find 3 Rd Max salary from 2 tables

  36. It should be in Hindi yaar

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