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Simply Create a WordPress Website with Al in 10 minutes! (10Web AI Website Builder)

Simply Create a WordPress Website with Al in 10 minutes! (10Web AI Website Builder)

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In this AI website builder tutorial, I walk you through how to create a WordPress website using the AI website builder called 10Web.

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10Web is a leading AI website builder that allows you to create an AI-generated website and content in minutes. You can also, re-create any website page using AI inside 10Web.

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► Today we navigate through the below chapters for this 10web AI website builder tutorial:

0:00 Intro
01:28 Getting started
03:03 AI Website builder
04:53 AI generated website
06:49 Create and setup your account
07:17 10Web dashboard
07:43 Customize website pages
10:53 Other important 10web features
11:58 Other page building options
13:35 Outro

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Thanks for watching and enjoy!

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Comments (35)

  1. ✅Claim your FREE 10Web Trial (7-day free trial) ➜

    I hope you got value from this video, let me know down below!

  2. Thank you for this video, I made a theme AL made, and i added my instagram account in the contact field, I want to go back now and add the facebook link but it where can i change it? Kind regard Yasmin

  3. what if i will buy the domain for 24 mounths (with wordpress including) and 10Web for only two mounths . What will happen when 2 mounths will be gone?

  4. I must admit that this here is a game changer for me and thank for the video this was very helpful sir.
    Hope u can make more videos on how to utilize the features in order to edit the website itself, I'm really interested in learning how to do so.

  5. Τhank you very much for the detailed and very nice presentation

  6. I find with all tutorials they always and always use services as the structure, is there any out there that actually takes the time to focus on ecommerce?

  7. how do i put the website then in wordpress?

  8. Awesome tutorial on building websites with artificial intelligence on 10Web! 🌐 I loved how you explained each step clearly and concisely. The functionality of recreating pages with AI is truly innovative. 🚀 I'm looking forward to trying it out and exploring the customization options further. Any additional recommendations to optimize the user experience? Thank you for sharing this valuable content! 👏

  9. But now in this date it became cost? No longer free? Thanks for the answer

  10. ¡Gracias!

  11. Can I create more than one website with 10web

  12. Would it be possible for me to make websites for local businesses and sell it too them? If so is it easy to give them full ownership so they pay the yearly charges?

  13. Thanks for sharing, Can I create 1st version in this using the tool and then move to word press for customisation. Ok to purchase yearly plans

  14. ciao, i'm italian and i would like to create a site in italy. in your opinion, will a site created with 10web, which has servers in germany or belgium (the ones closest to italy) be as fast and quick as sites created with hosting that have servers in italy?

  15. Thank you for the video. I'm kind of new to this and I just got a website imported and cloned by my AI. So if we need further help should we watch elementor tutorials? Because there seems to be a limited amount of tutorials available. Or could you make more please?

  16. Whipsite

  17. can we connect with google analytics ?, because we need to know the performance the website

  18. Hello, can I use WordPress plugins?

  19. No indeed!

    This is the epitome of being lazy… You learn absolutely nothing about your own website or if you’re doing it for clients you can’t actually be of decent service to them because you don’t know how your website is put together and then there’s the monthly cost…

    These companies are going to subscription folks into a coronary attack. What happens when the economy truly crashes and you can’t afford your subscriptions? That’s right folks… You lose everything and because you were lazy you didn’t learn crap to be able to do anything about losing everything that you allowed artificial intelligence to build for you.

    Allow AI to teach you, but not do everything for you .

  20. How do you import into WordPress?

  21. Hello, I have a quick question. I already have a domain hosted on WordPress. Is there a way I can create a 10web website and then export it to my WordPress site?

  22. Thank you! But am I not able to collect payment with this plan? It says I must upgrade to the ecommerce plan at $15/month in order to collect payments?

  23. Can we transfer the website to shopify?

  24. This is a great service. My only problem with it is that you have to pay them monthly for hosting and you don't have the option to host with a company of your choice which may be better for you budget wise. Other than that is good.

  25. After building the website, can I migrate it and host on my own servers?

  26. I’ve looked online everywhere & I just can’t find “tin web” anywhere… 🙊😂

    Seriously though, great tutorial – thank you 🙏

  27. I don’t see anything shows that we can change the temples if I don’t like the design that AI has made or event the color palette. Please advise

  28. Do they produce lots of different looking sites? The problem is, I just did one and it looks like yours.

  29. how do i make the website accesible, how do people view it? is there paypemt plans for customers using my 10web website

  30. How much time did it take for AI to make the site?

  31. Hello,

    I have an SMMA agency and I want to create websites for my customers. With this application, if I understand correctly, I'll just have to create the site with AI and then migrate it to another host (where the customer will just have to manage it himself).

    Is that it?

  32. This is a marketing promo for 10web.

  33. Okay I'll try this technique

  34. How long does it take to generate the website once you click finalize? The one basic site I tried to generate has been stuck on finalizing for >10 minutes.

  35. I just subscribed and when I want to generate my website is says "Your workspace doesn't have empty hosting add-on slots."

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