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Relume's mind-blowing AI Site Builder: Crash Course

Relume's mind-blowing AI Site Builder: Crash Course

Create a Relume Account here 👉 https://library.relume.io/?via=ran
Try Relume’s Site Builder 👉 http://library.relume.io/site-builder

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Hey, friends. In this video, I will give you a crash course on Relume’s new AI site builder, which, in my opinion, is just groundbreaking.
Join me as we embark on a step-by-step journey from creating a site map to wireframing. Witness the seamless transition as we transform our wireframe into a visually stunning Figma design. Finally, we will bring our desing to life using Webflow.

Get ready to unlock the full potential of AI in design! 🦾

00:00 – Intro
00:35 – What is Relume?
00:52 – Generating a Sitemap
04:16 – Generating a Wireframe
08:47 – Redesigning Wireframe in Figma
18:19 – Developing your design in Webflow

Let me know in the comments what you think about this new tool?

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Comments (34)

  1. this is stupid I paid for a monthly subscription for a 48usd and can only, there payment method is just bullsheet

  2. At 18:00 how do you replace the image with the frame. Whenever I try to paste the frame where the image was it does not work.

  3. How has a paid relume account

  4. Any good updates since 9 months ago?

  5. is this generating for web flow via figma ?

  6. Wow this is brilliant. 🤩

  7. Tried Relume but it didn't convince me. Every page is generated using similar pattern. Once i want minimalist page, once i want robust corporate. They all look similar. No matter how detailed the prompt is. I have created bunch of wireframe templates in figma and it works better for me. Hopefully future updates will shine more light

  8. Too much customisation

  9. How do you click on an item within a section using only the mouse and not layers panel?

  10. nice video thx! I want to ask one thing, do I have to buy all 3 applications to use all 3? or if I only buy relume, is that enough to use all 3 same time? because I do see all 3 using the same library but they have different pricing per applications. thx

  11. once you get to the point where its designed in Figma, couldn't I just use the Figma to Webflow plug in?

  12. Is it possible to export a website after building? For moving domains

  13. Seem like you got bored after 18th minute and you just wrapped up quickly. 😢

  14. I think I have found a catch, we can only export these sites to be hosted on Figma or Webflow! What if you have your own hosting?

  15. I wish you would’ve showed the final product and show us how to put it all together at the end

  16. why doesn't mine have the style guide? edit: I am unable to find the original demo file. whats my best way to replicate that styles page?

  17. The bomb explosions sound in the background are crazy though

  18. Im confused. How do you get the design from Figma to WebFlow? Why did you copy from Relume to WebFlow?

  19. Hello there, i have a question. I know Relume exports to Figma and Webflow. Let's say i want to design a website on Webflow, what's the difference between exporting to Figma and exporting to Webflow directly and which is better?

  20. why would you not just go from figma to webflow through the functionality that exists to do that?

  21. where did he pull the style guide from?

  22. where is your complete website

  23. my button color is not changing

  24. Thank you for being so damn CUTE. I just realized that most of the time Im watching you instead of tutorial. Thats how cute you are.

  25. I'm not too familiar with Figma, but with the Figma Webflow plugin is it possible to export the "Relume-styled in Figma" site from Figma to Webflow with all the settings and changes you made in Figma?

  26. The free version will not allow to export the wireframe 🙁 and it's very expensive to only use the AI. and then the Webflow costs will be added to it. this is the most expensive AI solution

  27. Do we have to upgrade to pro to duplicate it on Figma?

  28. How much would cost having all platforms subscription?

  29. Can you explain how to duplicate the library you mentioned at 9:23

  30. Just use templates as this looks like I'm building a site.

  31. Gret video but what I see is AI just simply grabs a template depending on the keyword. Does anyone know how to 'customize' your website. For example I want to have a 3 page site with a calculator. The calculator should apppear in one corder and the logs in the bottom part for example. I find that AI ca't do that, that is come with layout options.

  32. Hey Ran, if I want to make a wireframe that works for the Hebrew language, RTL, can you offer me a way to use Relume for that in Figma

  33. I have used relume and as far as I’ve noticed that it’s just a premade sets of component library that shuffles around and the one useful aspect is that it generates the texts based on the prompt.

    Otherwise it’s just sets of components, Nothing ai about the design.

  34. Is there a way to get his style guide?

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