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Relume AI Website Builder | $3,000 an hour

Relume AI Website Builder | $3,000 an hour

The new AI Relume library site builder is revolutionizing the way websites are created. With its advanced artificial intelligence technology, Relume AI with Webflow offers a seamless and intuitive experience for building stunning websites. From dynamic layouts to interactive elements, this powerful tool empowers designers and developers to bring their visions to life. Discover the future of web design with Relume AI and unlock endless possibilities for your online presence.

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Comments (47)

  1. Hello Jesse, Thank you so much for this video. I liked it. I have a couple of questions for you and I would love if you can answer me in detail.

    I am someone who has no experience in coding, designing, and development. I am someone who has done SEO on WordPress websites only. Even on that platform I never had any development experience. So my questions are.

    1. Is this video for someone who has zero experience in coding, designing and development?
    2. I am not sure if you were using the free versions of Webflow and Relume, as you just showed us developing 1 page. Considering if I want to start my agency I have to purchase both of these tools?
    3. Lastly, if I am purchasing Relume, do I still have to purchase Figma or can I work over free version?

    The Reason to ask you is that I am from a third-world country where a Dollar costs around Rs. 280. I want to start my agency but I have a very limited budget. Please help me with this. Please Be Honest. Your expert advice will help me in making decisions. Thanks

  2. Does this allow you to "prototype" in Figma and will it transfer to webflow?

    I am having a hard time selecting a component, frame, or auto layout in the "prototype" section and "navigating to" another frame on "click" option; The drop-down is consistently blacked out or puts an "X" to any other component, frame, or auto layout. Does anyone have a fix or understanding?

  3. awesome video!!!! The whole styling thing is just not for me so my question, does either webflow or Figma have themes (similar to wordpress) and if so do you happen to have a video explaining how I can create the wireframe and connected it to a premade theme? Yes, I know I can google it but when I am learning new things, I like to pick one source so congrats on being my one source LOL – Great video and thanks again!

  4. You and about 330,000 will not make $3,000 or $5,000 an hour. Please, reason why he is on YouTube himself 😂

  5. hi good morning
    how can i use relume to copy an entire website and make some changes where i see fit ?

  6. I just spent hours building my site map and correcting my layout only to delete the whole site map by mistake. And there is no back button no undo button no backups. Wtf ??

  7. The problem here is when u build your website site map and then go into the wire frame, it only allows you to wire the home page or one page. To continue you must pay.
    Then there's another catch.
    To export the wire frame, you must pay Figma to get proper access as it's limited free usage.
    Then there's the problem to go from Figma to Webflow. Pay again for full resources.
    Then where do you go from here? Webflow to your own domain host ? To WordPress?
    What about future updates after u have exported your site to WordPress and canceled the webflow, Figma and Relume subscriptions.? What then.? If u need to update your website what then ? How ?

  8. So once your website is built and your happy… how do you 1) export this to your own domain and hosting service provider and onto what ? Do you place over a preinstall of WordPress?

  9. No offense, but I purchase websites…and that kinda sucks…especially for a $3000. It's called outsourcing. I can get a starving Hindu to do it for $300 and it will probably jump out of the television on some new technology sh#t

  10. Boss for some reason I can’t paste in web flow

  11. Fast and not good. That's what the future needs

  12. These kind of AI helpers softwares are doing a super minimal job in providing you with layouts. It's not that hard to understand few words like "landing page, about page, shop," and provide you some templates that they already have. If everybody is start doing these they will all look the same. And again there will be a need to do things differentely.

  13. @JesseShowalter this is great content. Can you refer me to someone who I could hire to execute on what you outlined in the video to build a website for my solar company? TIA

  14. you are my inspiration , i wish to be you student , God bless you.

  15. If you're looking to enhance your blogging experience, consider pairing AI website builder with BlogHandy. It offers seamless integration and advanced features to make your content creation process even smoother. Definitely worth exploring.

  16. are those images of shaved ice AI generated too?

  17. i didn´t know about Relume from this day on……This is all incredible

  18. This is the shitiest ai ever.

  19. You are scamming people doing this, people pay for a custom website. Not for a template with AI text and pictures

  20. You’ll make 3000, the next guy will make 2000 and so on and so forth, people will discover these tools and make their own in 30 min and you’ll be out of a job 😆

  21. Perhaps I missed it, but where did you get some of those elements that you added into the background? I would love to know where I could either get or generate random elements.

  22. After watching this video, I'm even more intrigued by the idea of InterCxn. Connecting with professionals could be such a valuable opportunity for students.

  23. laughed so much when you said "what is this dark web design" 🤣

  24. Looks really bad 😄

  25. Thank you, Jesse! This was so helpful! I have a RevOps Consultancy and very little time for this and the added problem of not being a designer. I will be able to have my site up and running over this coming weekend!

  26. Wow! Relume is a huge game changer! Two suggestions to help the majority of us technophobes: 1) Maybe make your cursor slighter, larger, and more visible so we can follow your instructions more clearly. 2) You could make this video into a series of short videos by breaking down the process into a few steps, to make the learning process much shorter for us technophobes.

  27. Cool, you made a SaaS website for a Shaved Ice company.

  28. Insane. Thank you.

  29. There is potential, maybe in 3 to 5 years it can be acutally what you said it is – but currently it looks like shit, and nobody would pay any money for that end result.

  30. I want million dollar per hour.

  31. hey these tools are great, and I used to hate no-code (especially wordpress). how much does these tools would cost to put online a website ? as I am currently working on a project I was going with hostinger for a low budget but I am sort of attracted to these now 😂

  32. Looks impressive. What’s the cost for all the different programs needed?

  33. Why does Figma not generate my Relume AI-created site? I am lucky to see a hero section rendered on Figma but not the rest.

  34. Hi my name is Phil, your video is cool, am a video editor and sound editor, i would like to work for you as an editor, thanks

  35. lol yeah right. Stop please.

  36. Really in US someone would pay 3k for this kind of simple website? :O

  37. sorry, but nobody would pay 5k for a constructor website + AI generates very basic designs

  38. I tried it with a customer website and it's amazing. To be fair i tried it now (3 months later)

  39. If you have Relume and Webflow, why is Figma necessary?

  40. Will It Generate A Code After We Design The Web Page ??

  41. Just don’t use Hostinger

  42. Yaaay! Let's all create boring AI generated content so that there are no bright ideas in 10 years because we all stopped using our creativity.
    This is like using a template, not at all original and built for the lazy people who want to take the money and do minimal work.
    Any website that you finish in a single day is sloppy, no matter how good your AI works.

  43. do you build websites too? is your fee 3000$ hr?

  44. I have a question. because Relume costs money to use properly. For example, after you create the website and publish it, can I cancel the subscription and keep the website running without having to continue subscribing to Relume?

  45. After watching your video, I could not understand why you have both Figma and Webflow. At first, I thought you would move from Relume to Figma to Webflow, but in your video, after watching, you only go from Relume to Figma and/or Relume to Webflow. So the question is, What am I missing?

  46. thnx for the video, reminded me other builder mobirise AI, though it is still in development

  47. Hahahaha clickbait much? Nobody going to pay 5k an hour when they can make their own with easy no code.

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