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Must have skills for a pro web designer in 2024? – General Web Dev – SitePoint Forums

Must have skills for a pro web designer in 2024? – General Web Dev – SitePoint Forums

A crucial area to explore is JavaScript frameworks. jQuery, once a powerhouse for simplifying complex scripting challenges, laid the groundwork for understanding how frameworks can streamline development. Today, React stands out for its efficiency and the reactive user experiences it enables. Mastering React—or even Vue.js and Angular—can significantly elevate the dynamism and interactivity of your web projects.

WordPress, traditionally celebrated for its intuitive content management capabilities, has evolved remarkably. The concept of WordPress as a Headless CMS is gaining traction. This approach decouples the front-end presentation layer from the back-end content management, enabling developers to use WordPress for content storage and management while employing modern front-end technologies (like React or Vue.js) to deliver the user experience. This hybridisation allows for more responsive, scalable, and secure websites.

Furthermore, the WordPress ecosystem has been enriched with advanced Page Builders such as Elementor, Breakdance, Bricks, and Oxygen Builder. These tools have revolutionised how we think about web design, making it accessible to novices and experts to craft beautiful, responsive sites without delving deep into code.

However, understanding these builders’ underlying principles and potential limitations is essential for creating optimised, custom-tailored websites that stand out.

I prefer using Oxygen Builder because I can still use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP but neatly packaged together within a CMS.

The designer’s learning journey is continuous. By embracing JavaScript frameworks like React, exploring WordPress as a Headless CMS, and using Page Builders, you’ll stay competitive and expand your horizons.

I always tend to ensure that I have a good understanding of various Adobe products and Canva for some graphics-related tasks. So, I believe that graphic design skills should be learned and kept up to date alongside the development side of things.


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