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Machine Learning | What Is Machine Learning? | Introduction To Machine Learning | 2024 | Simplilearn

Machine Learning | What Is Machine Learning? | Introduction To Machine Learning | 2024 | Simplilearn

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This Machine Learning basics video will help you understand what Machine Learning is, what are the types of Machine Learning – supervised, unsupervised & reinforcement learning, how Machine Learning works with simple examples, and will also explain how Machine Learning is being used in various industries. Machine learning is a core sub-area of artificial intelligence; it enables computers to get into self-learning mode without being explicitly programmed. When exposed to new data, these computer programs are enabled to learn, grow, change, and develop by themselves. So, the iterative aspect of machine learning is the ability to adapt to new data independently. This is possible as programs learn from previous computations and use “pattern recognition” to produce reliable results.

The below topics are explained in this Machine Learning basics video:
1. What is Machine Learning? ( 00:21 )
2. Types of Machine Learning ( 02:43 )
2. What is Supervised Learning? ( 02:53 )
3. What is Unsupervised Learning? ( 03:46 )
4. What is Reinforcement Learning? ( 04:37 )
5. Machine Learning applications ( 06:25 )

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  1. Excellent Presentation with valid basic concepts

  2. 1 supervised learning
    2 supervised learning
    3 unsupervised learning

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  17. Scenario 1 : supervised
    Scenario 2 : unsupervised
    Scenario 3 : unsupervised

    Is it correct?

  18. simplilearn is the best:)

  19. Nice video ❤ nice explanation i Loved it..❤

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  22. S1-unsupervised

  23. Abnormally simplified topic on machine learning.
    Great job!
    Well done!

  24. Abnormally simplified topic on machine learning.
    Great job!
    Well done!

  25. Thanks for explaining as in a much batter way.

  26. The book AI technology – explore infinite knowledge by L.T. Tzur.

  27. Very nice explanation.

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  29. 1.Supervised learning
    2.Unsupervised learning
    3.supervised learning

  30. Why do we say thank you to a machine? That seems very strange, almost like you're accepting the machine as a sentient being.

  31. Labeled =supervised
    Unlabeled= Un-supervised
    And finally
    Enforcement Learning = Learning from results and upgrading . Tq for the explanation

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  33. Thanks for Easy Explanation and Understanding

  34. Very good explanation thank you 🙏🏼 I really understand now

  35. Mam i had a doubt , i have done my my graduation in bba and i want to pursue mba in AI and ml in online mode . Will i face any difficulty while doing mba becz i am from non technical background.

  36. suppose I have some data in excel and i also decided the type of learning.But now, where i have to put data and how?

  37. S-1 supervise learning
    s-2 unsupervise learning
    s-3 reinforcememt learning

  38. Scenario 1 supervised learning
    Scenario 2 supervised learning
    Scenario 3 unsupervised learning

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