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Introduction to Programming and Computer Science – Full Course

Introduction to Programming and Computer Science – Full Course

In this course, you will learn basics of computer programming and computer science. The concepts you learn apply to any and all programming languages and will be a good base onto which you can build your skills.

This video is meant for those who are interested in computer science and programming but have no idea where to start and have little to no background information on coding.

✏️Course created by Steven and Sean from NullPointer Exception. Check out their channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmWDlvMYYEbW42B8JyxFBcA

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (00:05) Introduction
⌨️ (01:37) What is Programming?
⌨️ (06:19) How do we write Code?
⌨️ (11:44) How do we get Information from Computers?
⌨️ (14:46) What can Computers Do?
⌨️ (20:43) What are Variables?
⌨️ (25:02) How do we Manipulate Variables?
⌨️ (31:54) What are Conditional Statements?
⌨️ (37:54) What are Array’s?
⌨️ (44:26) What are Loops?
⌨️ (49:37) What are Errors?
⌨️ (55:22) How do we Debug Code?
⌨️ (1:00:25) What are Functions?
⌨️ (1:09:52) How can we Import Functions?
⌨️ (1:13:45) How do we make our own Functions?
⌨️ (1:21:56) What are ArrayLists and Dictionaries?
⌨️ (1:27:38) How can we use Data Structures?
⌨️ (1:36:27) What is Recursion?
⌨️ (1:43:42) What is Pseudocode?
⌨️ (1:50:40) Choosing the Right Language?
⌨️ (1:55:34) Applications of Programming

Learn to code for free and get a developer job: https://www.freecodecamp.org

Read hundreds of articles on programming: https://freecodecamp.org/news


Comments (21)

  1. Absolute pleasure working on this. Thanks again for the opportunity!

  2. you kept on mushing curly braces, braces, brackets and parentheses together and made it super confusing. 34:07

  3. Date: Jul. 2, 2024
    Age: 13
    Goal: learn programming

    (Gonna comeback someday)

  4. This was extremely helpful. Really good stuff!

  5. Thanks for the video! One quick question, at 44:07, shouldn't the idexed item be Arnold, not Clint if the first number is the row (horizontal) and the second number is the column (vertical)?

  6. sum from 1 till 3567 is 6363528

  7. This is a standout video.

  8. Found these videos not good for me…… May be the accent not hitting in mind very quickly and any other things!!!!!!!

  9. TODAY AT 9:10 PM in FLORIDA marks the start of my journey in coding, as a 17 year old rising senior (class of 2025) I hope to learn enough about coding to maybe major in it in college, wish me luck boys and I'll try to keep this updated

  10. Neutrinos which can peep into the galaxy and particles which are everywhere and technologies from research and developments , Quantum Computing, and biological plants interaction to cosmos can be used for space bank energy gravity time pockets accounting.

  11. Ang sabi ko babae hindi lalaki ang interesting !!! Nangingialam na naman sa tv

  12. Ive been studying too much on science and tech, how about how to interrelate with a female science thing, I think thats exciting, can you give me a clue? Yknow with some favor, Im compliment generous sometime only.

  13. The variables, thats what Im very interested to study because its beings variety symbol usage in variety. The Integer 4 which depends on the sign whose higher numerically or whose dominating which can change any sign to that sign or the sign be the center arbiter if added or not, while the Boolean False could be a chameleon or an inverter, the π Pie with "floater" meaning to number 4 can be interrelatable from the ground up, the 4.0 double can either create a cosmic entanglement, parallel or shadow, the "Hi" as a correlation to number 4 can be levitatationable like a square symbol utilizing every side projection connectivity or a science string of Hi, the " A " for number 4 with a Char's in meaning could have chair or throne meaning, czar meaning, A for Angel meaning of the 4 corners Angel or the Charot word used by the g type for manipulating particle things using soft energy in stars as word connotation only to that.

  14. Was another meaning of that + 4 + was the proliferation to left and right or increase in numericals within the 4 areas? Was the 4 areas already controlled or not? How about the rivals with the same idea of domination as a state of fact ?

  15. You know, it's irrelevant to answer those limited mindsets always gauging and assessing things at the surface and according to the limits imposed by their controllers to their mindsets. Yes I'm studying technology to what extent it can bring us to improvement and development and not much on controlling beings by push button of their servers coz that's an afraid mindset.

  16. 44:30 got me thinking my phone glitch😂

  17. I’m taking my first programming class this fall, I’m a complete beginner, this video is so helpful for me to prepare myself for my class, as I have recently changed my major to computer science. I want to learn as much as I can before my class starts so that I’m not lost! If you know any beginner friendly resources please drop them in the replies

  18. This video has helped me so much. I’ve done multiple programming classes at a university but this short explanation made some things click better

  19. I'm closing out on the first year of my bachelors degree in front-end development, and cannot recommend this video enough. The content here is concise and to the point, demystifies an intimidating subject within the first 10 minutes and gives newcomers the foundational knowledge for further efficient, incremental learning using clear examples for context and better understanding and retention. This is the only video I will recommend to anyone looking to get started with programming. If you're here watching this video, you're on the right track! Be curious, find your programming niche, and keep coding!

  20. Whoever was narrating right before 13:30 ish needs to slow tf down on their script cause I can’t understand anything their saying lol.

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