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Indie Game Dev Jabrils talks AI, Anime, and How to Build Games [freeCodeCamp Podcast #118]


Indie Game Dev Jabrils talks AI, Anime, and How to Build Games [freeCodeCamp Podcast #118]

On this week’s episode of the podcast, I interview Jabril. He’s an indie game developer who’s building a turn-based fighting game called Ultrabouters.

Jabril has developed tons of other games as well. He runs the popular Jabrils gamedev focused-YouTube. He’s also published a 5-hour introduction to programming course on freeCodeCamp.

We talk about:

  • How Jabril got into gamedev as a kid when he got a copy of GameMaker
  • Jabril’s career working at a comedy club and a radio station
  • The anime that Jabril’s been working on for years
  • Jabril’s advice to gamedevs who want to make a career out of building video games

Can you guess what bass line I’m playing on my bass during the intro? It’s a 2009 song that became popular in the 2010’s by being associated with a meme.

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Links we talk about during the interview:

Jabril’s full length Programming for Beginners course on freeCodeCamp

That time Quincy angered the entire BTS army with a confused tweet

“The best episodes of Shark Tank are the bad ideas.” How Jabril created a Fake Shark Tank Episode Generator using AI tools

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