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HTML & CSS for Beginners | FREE MEGA COURSE (7+ Hours!)

HTML & CSS for Beginners | FREE MEGA COURSE (7+ Hours!)

In this free course, you’ll learn how to code with modern HTML and CSS, the main building blocks of any website. If you want to become a successful web developer, this is where you need to start! At the end of more than eight hours of learning, where we cover everything from basic HTML elements to working with Flexbox and CSS Grid, you’ll test your new skills by building a complete web page.

• Download the course files: https://bit.ly/3b0Fi19
• Download the assignment: https://bit.ly/3xwTvuh

00:00:00 1.1 Welcome to the Course!
00:03:48 1.2 Prerequisites
00:13:00 2.1 How Websites Are Loaded
00:24:36 2.2 What Is HTML?
00:30:42 2.3 Let’s Create an HTML File
00:42:45 2.4 HTML Elements and Tags
00:50:07 2.5 Inline vs. Block-Level Elements
01:00:41 2.6 The div Element
01:08:00 2.7 Text-Related Elements
01:30:23 2.8 Separating Content With Breaks
01:36:24 2.9 Using Lists
01:47:15 2.10 Working With Images
02:04:31 2.11 Using Forms and Buttons
02:45:22 2.12 Displaying Tabular Data With Tables
02:54:12 2.13 HTML5 Semantic Elements
03:01:59 3.1 What Is CSS?
03:04:39 3.2 Adding CSS to an HTML Page
03:11:59 3.3 Using CSS Selectors
03:29:37 3.4 Working With Color in CSS
03:40:49 3.5 Let’s Discover the CSS Units
03:54:36 3.6 Styling Text With CSS
04:10:08 3.7 Setting Dimensions in CSS
04:20:46 3.8 The CSS Box Model
04:45:44 3.9 Working With Borders in CSS
04:55:25 3.10 Using the Display Property in CSS
05:05:04 3.11 Styling Lists in CSS
05:15:56 3.12 Positioning Elements in CSS
05:30:22 3.13 Styling Backgrounds in CSS
05:52:10 3.14 Building Layouts With Flexbox and CSS Grid
06:19:43 3.15 Working with Media Queries for Creating Responsive Websites
06:32:37 4.1 Let’s Code a Simple Design with HTML and CSS
07:46:03 4.2 Conclusion and Homework

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  16. downloaded this video in january and just completed it .
    it was a good run indeed!!

  17. @Adi Purdila, this was a very amazing course that I finished as who is trying to be a front-end web developer by self-learner. Thank you very much for your entire effort and passion that you inspired us. I would like to ask if you have any videos that you may suggest for Javascript to a beginner front-end developer?

  18. The fact that this is free is crazy

  19. Thank you for this comprehensive course. I am in half way and I'm impressed with the level of detail.
    I discovered you by accident. Went into IoT stuff, and found that MCs can host web pages that can transfer data with sockets and Jason. In their examples there was a section that began with <script> and I wanted to learn more of how things can be controlled and data exchanged from this web environment (from phone, pc, etc.) In that section there were things about capturing events and so on. I don't think it is Javascript, but again, I'm new to this and don't know a lot. Can you steer me in the right direction?
    I simply have to finish this course as well. It's too good and informative, so thank you again.

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