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How Would I learn to design (If I had to start over)

How Would I learn to design (If I had to start over)

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Many of the resources available now weren’t available when I started, but if I had to re-learn the craft of design from scratch, I would start with these three steps.

1️⃣ Learn the right software
2️⃣ Develop the design skills
3️⃣ Practice

00:00 – Intro
00:17 – 3 Steps I would take
00:44 – Step 1 Software
04:27 – Step 2 Design skills
06:41 – How to learn?
08:04 – Step 3 Practice
10:17 – Important notes
11:43 – Go and be a designer!

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Gotta give credit where due – I took inspiration for this video from these 2 great videos:

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Comments (45)

  1. I learned the big 3 in college, Photoshop, Illustrator, & Indesign. I’m able to do print, logos, photo manipulation, branding, illustration etc. If you don’t know what you want to do I would definitely learn all 3. I use all of them as a graphic designer. We did exercises for each program i would suggest looking on the homepage of the software/adobe website for tutorials. Figma is something I use for websites & at my work to collaborate on different client projects. Would definitely learn that if you want to build apps or work in corporate. I need all of this software for the different projects I take on.

  2. Love it! Especially the part about design thinking and what follows

  3. Your videos are always very helpful. I’m learning UX/UI design:)

  4. Hi

  5. Thanks for this amazing video man! The "important Notest" part was amazing. And it's really helpful.

  6. I've done some occasional work here and there over the years as a designer but never really felt I could make it a real career out of it for myself. Your attitude and sincerity is really refreshing and your courses are well laid out and easy to follow. As someone who is hoping to make some changes in their life, you're absolutely providing me with some of the necessary tools and support that is so hard to find. Thanks dude!

  7. Thanks you

  8. Ran is a master teacher!

  9. amazing info

  10. To close small to mid level clients, you need to know figma, WordPress, and make pages beautiful and practical. The rest in masturbation.

  11. liked and subscribed. Thank you for this, all the information was valuable to me and gave me clarity on the next steps i should take.

  12. I'm a lot more on the code/development side of things, focusing on front-end web development but every single project I've done so far I feel like is lacking in terms of design, which is why I want to learn more about design on the side. And this video has been a great "landing page" for design, so thank you very much!

  13. Thanks so much ❤

  14. How to learn design: step 1 be rich to get the software you need (adobe photoshop alone is 23€ / month so a year of photoshop use comes at 276€ / year) sure if you are a student it is less expensive but if you wat h a video like this chances are you are not a grafic design student. I am not, i am an adult interested in learning some design for a startup i am about to launch with no assurance I will make these 280€ in my first year.
    So I will stick with Gimp.

  15. The ' I HATE MY WORK ' part. :c

  16. thank you esp the software thing. there's so much to learn it's so overwhelming. im just learning the fundamentals so it feels like the subscription for adobe is too high, so i ended up using free or cheaper software but i know it's not industry standard. will you not be taken seriously if you don't use adobe or figma even if you have good designs?

  17. I did not know about this "I hate my work phase". Thanks a lot for making people like us aware of this.

  18. Thanks this reassure me on my path to become a digital creator 😊

  19. Everytime I'm starting to lose my path on this beautiful career, I search for this kind of videos so I can find my way again. Thank you for posting this!

  20. A lot of what you can do in Photoshop can be done in Photopea for free.

  21. 12 mins feels like less than 12secs!!! I was frustrated and felt like I have wasted a whole year by doing graphic designing… cause Iam a self taught designer. So, I have less confidence on my work.. But fortunately reached here and got some peaceful energy😇!!! Thanks Man🤙

  22. Of all the videos I watched, this is the only channel that offers a lot for beginners. I love how informative and precise his explanations are. Good job.

  23. is the motivation app still available?

  24. Thank You soo much.

  25. Thank you so much

  26. Thank you.

  27. do you need a college degree to work in graphic design?

  28. What do you think about PenPot as an Figma alternative?

  29. Great video! You've clearly explained the basics things needed for designer 👍👍, and the tips you've shared will definitely help beginners get started. I especially appreciate the "software and i hate my work phase". Thanks for sharing!

  30. I now use Affinity Design for my logo and branding

  31. i love your videos!

  32. Omg you're such an inspiration

  33. I did several web design job and haven't done some for quite awhile. because " i hate my design"

  34. Thank you for kindly sharing these insights.

  35. Thank you for this very helpful summary!

  36. I've been going through the "I hate my work phase" and feeling like a complete imposter. Thank you for creating this video it's helped me see I'm not alone and provided great information.

  37. Why you are ignoring existing of Affinity software?

  38. Such a very informative & positive video for everybody of us.
    Thanks for this video. 😊🙏

  39. love it. i came across design thinking recently. this is very insightful. Thanks Ran

  40. great information…

  41. photoshop- select objects, clear background, change color, add shadow
    Figma/XD – Ux Ui design- prototype, component, style
    Adobe illustrator – Brand designer – logo
    Adobe Indesign- Books, cards
    Webflow- Web design
    After effects- motion design- animation

    Design Skill
    Design thinking- Processes
    convergent thinking

    The Skills

    Copy/Recreate work from great designers just for practise – size/font/color

    Make designer friends for feedback

    Practice – Launch your own project

  42. Thank you for making this video buddy…very motivating…!!

  43. Can someone help me. Is it worth not having a degree? Is it enough to just take free courses online? Especially if you want a serious job in graphic design? For example, I want to become a freelancer, but my website will not show any recognized diplomas or something of that sort.

  44. What brand/type of laptop can you recommend to beginners.

  45. I have probably used all my luck as YT directed me to your video. Thank you for sharing this video to all aspiring web designers.

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