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How To Select Colors: Step By Step

How To Select Colors: Step By Step

Nine out of ten designers struggle with choosing colors because they don’t have a clear process. So in this video we’re going to solve that with demos, examples, and a step by step guide that will help you increase your confidence in selecting colors.

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00:00 – Intro
04:00 – Before you start
08:39 – Selecting colors
12:50 – Recommend tools
32:34 – Establish some rules for usage
35:09 – Reviewing your work

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Comments (20)

  1. Thank you for this very interesting video

  2. If i do dark orange , with a light yellowish green what that go well together ?

  3. very good and complete guide, watched it in one breath and it felt like 5 minutes. thanks very much!!

  4. Thanks Flux Academy !

  5. Nice

  6. Great video!

  7. Not just colour, but I'd LOVE to see an in-depth video on: fonts, spacing, website/app structure, images, graphics, button styles etc.

    I feel I can design alright, but getting that theme together for me is by far the hardest part – how to transform the ideals, mission, services, target audience, constrains of a project or company into visual language. Once you get that – damn, it's just pure flow, because essentially you're reusing the same fonts, elements, structure rules across the board. Kinda like a Fibonacci sequence, where many of the basic parts add up together to create the whole visual experience.

    So yeah, please do consider a long video on that as well!

  8. great explanation!

  9. Thank you, for a wonderful presentation!

  10. Really well explained and showcased. This video is gold and worth every second. Thank you!

  11. Thank you for this very interesting video 🙂

  12. really professional speech

  13. i like that united sodas colour ideas

  14. good job! go on!!!))

  15. your resources are leading to nothing basically back to the main page. Check your links. Someone ser the href value to the hero section

  16. amazing content, thanks for putting in the effort, makes it fun to watch and learn

  17. This YouTube presenter has a unique teaching style that makes complex concepts easy to grasp.

  18. please add Hindi track like Mr beast 😢😢❤

  19. Hi there Matt and thanks for this amazing tutorial!
    Just that the free e-book download links back to the landing page making it unable to be downloaded.
    Please can you check this out so we have access to your book as I really enjoyed watching this video and would totally be delighted if I can get the color psychology book to it.
    Thank you 🙂

  20. you speak too much, instead of getting to the point. I recommend showing insted of just speaking and speaking. Really.

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