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How to make web design for resignation page with html and css? – HTML & CSS – SitePoint Forums

How to make web design for resignation page with html and css? – HTML & CSS – SitePoint Forums

I work on mvc . i need to make web design of resignation page with html and css but i don’t know how to do that

are you have any sample css and html and bootstrap so i can use it please

so i need html and css and bootstrap to the page below

my design i need to do it as below

How far have you got with this?


no not get it
can you please provide html and css fot that if possible
or you have any template like that please tell me

I’m sorry, but this is a forum for the discussion of solutions to web development problems.
It is not a free coding service.
We are here to help people, not to do their work for them.

Yeah you are right @SamA74!! I don’t know why people think this way, It’s so annoying!!

And for @ahmedsaazizba It’s great to see you’re taking initiative on your project. When it comes to designing a page with HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, the possibilities are endless. It would be helpful if you could provide more details about how you envision the final layout of your resignation page. This way, we can provide more suggestions accordingly.

Look up grid css and that will show you how to do the grid layout.

That should get you started.

If you haven’t tried coding in html, you might see if this site will help with the basics:

Type the code in a text editor (not a word processor) and save it so the filename ends as .html. Double-click on it so it opens in your browser to check.

Research that, then get back to us with the problems you are having.

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