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How to create WordPress Photo Gallery | Full Tutorial | 10Web

How to create WordPress Photo Gallery | Full Tutorial | 10Web

Photo Gallery by 10Web is the World’s Leading WordPress plugin for adding galleries and albums into your website.

Create beautiful, responsive photo & video galleries in minutes.

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Comments (26)

  1. Maybe time to update and fix the sound? I was going to create a tutorial for my users using your video and it's so outdated I can't.

  2. WAAAAAAAAAAAY OUTDATTED… Waste of time. Should be removed.

  3. When i edit by your steps, doesn't show me, the way you have in this video. What can I do? I want to make a new gallery and I insert images and when I got to pages, add new, throws me to some new page, which doesn't exist in this video. Please help. Thanks.

  4. Marvellous Presentation…I am going ahead without any hesitation

  5. Great video. It helped me out in Photo Gallery. Many thanks and a big thumbs up.

  6. I have create video for how easily you can create justified responsive wordpress gallery. See on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qK7C3QLMSIg


  7. good tutorial. thanks!! 🙂

  8. thanks!

  9. Hi. Is it possible to push the marker in the middle of the picture or a random place in the picture to see the rest of the gallery, or do you have to place the marker exactly on the right arrow? If exactly I have a problem, cause some pictures are standing and some are lying and if you push the marker outside the picture you have to start all over, or at least on have to in my website. .

  10. hey, can anyone help me with something im trying to add a grid style lay out with photo and txt to the home page of my site where i can post my favorite / most popular post kinda like what https://www.androidauthority.com/ has but i have no idea how to or even where to start looking…

  11. Why tf are there only videos of creating new pages! I don;t want a new fucking page I want to add it as a widget in my row! Can you show how to do that instead?

  12. Great tutorial, thank you! I have one question, the album thumbnail image does not appear anywhere, does it? You will always see the gallery thumbnail image I assume. Or did I get it in wrong way?
    Thank you

  13. How can you delete/disable the preview thumb?

  14. Very nice tutorial. Clear and to the point. Great job, thank you!

  15. That was an excellent and very helpful tutorial, thank you very much!!

  16. perfect, cheers for the help

  17. My thumbnails do not work 🙁 I click on the broken thumbnail and the image works.

  18. How we can get and add the widget to the wordpress website.
    Thanks for creating such an awesome tutorials. I am here to subscribe and ensure myself to not miss your tutorials.
    Thank you.

  19. Hi, is it possible to create a polaroid style albums, instead of just regular thumb nails? Thank you.

  20. Thank you, very good presentation.


  22. Thanks it save my a lot of time

  23. very well presented. Not too fast and illustrates all options. Kudos

  24. Very Nice….thanks..

  25. thanks for you video tut. it's very helpfull. 🙂 cheers

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