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How to Choose Colors (Easy 3-Step Process)

How to Choose Colors (Easy 3-Step Process)

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Choosing colors for a new project is a daunting task for many (including myself).
There’s so much ambiguity involved:
How do I decide on my primary color?
How do I match it with other great colors?
How do I apply all of my colors thoughtfully to my website?

All of these questions are answered in this video through a simple & reliable 3-step process that you can apply to any project.

00:00 Intro
00:39 Choosing a dominant color
2:00 Add two more colors
4:12 How to apply your colors

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  1. super sir

  2. Great

  3. thank you this was sooo helpful 😄

  4. Thanks Flux Academy !

  5. Amazing video! Thanks for clarifying colors! This was tremendously helpful!

  6. Thank you

  7. Thanks

  8. Ascent? not Accent?

  9. Thank you for the information, i always see people use this design recipe in their deisgn, and i wanna find how gladly i found the video!

  10. Thank you for this. This is helpful 🙂

  11. More explanation on how to use 60 30 10 rule and some examples

  12. accent ak-sen-t not ass-ent

  13. This was helpful. As I have struggled to pick colors for my designs

  14. so helpful! also funny you you pronounce accent as "ascent"!

  15. Brilliant video mate 🔥👌

  16. Thanks for vid, but sorry:
    Accent = axe + sent = ak + sent

  17. Thank you so much for sharing

  18. said alot and said nothing at the same time

  19. As a frontend software developer, I really struggle with design. I am good in the back of the FE like logic, performance, and the whole architecture, and can work with CSS if I am given a design but coming up with it myself is difficult. Especially when it comes to colors. So we have primary, secondary, and accent colors. Then there are actions. They can also be primary and secondary. Now what colors to choose for those actions since accent color should be used for CTA. This is where I get lost haha.

  20. thank you

  21. Solved my problem in 3 minutes, I play every video in 2x speed, thanks man

  22. Also you can try the wave method of building color palette

  23. Luv it!!!!!

  24. You'er great person thank you soo much

  25. To my fellow designers and Ran Segall, whenever I'm going to design a landing page. I always tend to follow the company's color branding of their logo, is it a good practice? and is there a time when you didn't follow the brand's color. Thank you for this video, I learned, and helped me a lot dealing in with one of my struggles.

  26. ajudaria muito se tivesse legenda

  27. By the way, the word "Accent" is pronounced ACK-SENT. "Ascent" is pronounced ASSENT, and it means to go up.

  28. thanks, it was really helpful

  29. Thanks for this amazing one!

  30. love this one 60/30/10

  31. Really nice video!
    (Just one tiny hint: Pronounce it ac-cent not like ascend)

  32. Thank you so much. Very helpful tuto.

  33. Great Content !!

  34. What's the name of that font For the big white words?

  35. the idea of switching it up and trading white for black etc… really cleared up a lot for me! I've watched a few color videos now and i'm always like ok so sometimes the font counts as a color and other times it doesn't??! and that page is not 60% that color! and it was driving me insane ha.

  36. My brain glitches when he pronounces "accent" as "ascent". What did he just say???

  37. So helpful.. glad I came across it.. will be trying it out asap

  38. Very helpful video.
    But I don't see the purple in your choice of dominant color at all. It just seems like it's fully blue.

  39. That's very helpful, thank you!

  40. no such thing as domx or complx or more x or meanx or etc, cepuxuaxcuix, outx, can outx infix any nmw and any s perfx

  41. pls tell me maching 3 colours for maroon colour

  42. Awesome! Using this right now for a Client website design. Thanks Ran

  43. Great tutorial!

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