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How To Build A $10,000 Website With No-Code + AI

How To Build A $10,000 Website With No-Code + AI

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You can now build a $10,000 website within a matter of hours with no-code and AI tools. These drag-and-drop builders combined with generative AI tools make building a sitemap, wireframe and fully functional website accessible to SAAS entrepreneurs and startup founders alike. Let me blow your mind.

Relume AI – https://relume.io/?via=Chwanc
Webflow – https://webflow.grsm.io/4835371
Figma – https://psxid.figma.com/gesgvfztofxm

Full Repository: https://bit.ly/47ipqP6


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Comments (40)

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  2. So, basically we can create only the frontend with these tools, but not the backend functions?

  3. everyone on YouTube is promising to show you how to be rich as long as you buy their course!! and their actual income comes from courses and not from what they teach!!

  4. i study this all but its all paid application give us some free tools

  5. Can this be used with WordPress, Elementor and Dokan?

  6. Webflow is expensive for selling stuff, they charge an extra 2% per sale unless you pay $79 per month.

  7. it didn't paste the style

  8. So how much you pay in monthly fees for a very professional 20 pages website with forms etc ?

  9. Is it just me who think html are more easier than this complicated course. !

  10. its not free man

  11. how is the funtionality of more sophisticated interactions, like webshop, members area and calendar scheduling?

  12. Clickbait alert!

  13. How do i build an insurance company like Geico,statefarm etc using AI tools?

  14. All very nice, as with other "no-code". BUT; as professionals know, the clients will come with desires that does not exist in the no-code program, sooner or later. So, with all no-code programs is the golden question: How easily can you create stuff that isn't part of the no-code program?… That is in reality the wall, holding back from using no-code.

    Next to that; How scalable is the no-code result later on?…

    The core question is: How can you avoid vendor lock-in, which could force you to redevelop everything later on, when you have more elevated needs?… If you end up with the need to start from scratch later later on, you pay at least the double price, next to delaying your expansion.

  15. My boss share me this video and said you are fired 💀

  16. What a shitty video…

  17. None of this is free…

  18. I would like to see something for WordPress. Elementor has an AI feature but it is terrible and intrusive. Relume is just repurposing its component library. I am a bit dubious of the AI but what it does is productive and useful.

  19. Thanks bro.

  20. It says you have to pay to import it to figma?

  21. bruh this is evil…..I love it.

  22. May I know what's the Mic you use? why I've seen many people use it lately even tho 80% of them already have a Blue Yeti on there desk ready to use but in their vdo it's this same looking Mic you're using

  23. Building a million dollar website and earning from it are two different things.

  24. Would it not be simpler to use WordPress with Elementor AI and leverage the vast number of 'Themes' that are available out of the box ?

  25. As someone who works in web, I can confirm, that this work takes at minimum of 3 months and lots of coordination. It’s amazing that this tool can do so much, it can essentially get you a great prototype and Be ready for user acceptance right up front.

  26. A website isn't the tip of the front end. Why did you just ignore the back end totally, I mean are we supposed to give the client a picture of of the front end?
    If there is a way for the back end also please mention.

  27. how to publish it

  28. i like how none of this is actually free nor do you own the website its stored on the cloud so your locked into a monthly plan FOREVER

  29. But it’s too much work lol 😂

  30. then build and sell it for yourself. Dreamy guy!😅

  31. thanks for the tutorial @wearenocode, but this way pages are only static, how about dynamic websites where you need to put forms and store data ?

  32. Report > spam and misleading

  33. 99% of clients won't be that stupid to pay 10k for something as basic as this…

  34. What is the name od this tool because don't hear u clearly

  35. I couldn't get the wireframe from Relume to Figma without upgrading to a paid account.

  36. A $10,000 website? Why would anyone want to build a $10k website for? Lol.

  37. The website you built in this video, was it mobile responsive or only desktop design was created by AI?

  38. GODDAMN! This is an EPIC video! Subscribed right now!

  39. create a new video to integrate spline in this no code website what you have built in this video

  40. Thanks so much for sharing. But can you use resume for phone apps too?

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