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Google Showing Fewer Reddit Links In Search?

Google Showing Fewer Reddit Links In Search?

Some in the SEO industry have been asking if Google has been showing fewer links in its search results to Reddit over the past several weeks. So Mordy Obserstein pulled some Semrush data that showed a slight downtick in Reddit results in Google’s Discussion and Forums section.

Earlier this month, Mordy asked on X, “Is it me or is Google finally starting to throw a more diverse offering of forums into the ‘Discussion and forums’ feature on the SERP?” Some agreed:

So he showed the data he just received from Semrush which showed a slight downtick in Reddit showing up in Google Search.

Mordy posted on X some of the charts and data and wrote, “There is a slight yet consistent downward trend in both Reddit and Quora URLs being used in the SERP feature. Conversely, other forums have seen the inverse trend and are seeing more placement.”

Here is that trend:

Reddit Quoa Google Search

You can see Reddit is down month to month to month only so slightly, the same with Quora but other forums are seeing a slight uptick.

So is this a major change? Nah. But Mordy added, “However, the trend does continue across other data points. For example, the number of Discussion and Forum features with multiple Reddit URLs is also down slightly over the past months.”

Here is that chart:

Multiple Reddit Links In Google

And some more food (I mean forums) for thought:

It would be nice to see less Reddit but I am not confident we will see a huge decline in Reddit showing in Google Search anytime soon. I do think it will happen eventually but not this soon… I mean, Google is paying Reddit for the content and believes it is valuable.

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