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Full Workshop: Content Strategy & Information Architecture

Full Workshop: Content Strategy & Information Architecture

This week we released our new course Web Design: Becoming a Professional, and today I want to give you a taste of the quality and depth we go into in the course.

So I’m giving you access to a full hour of video on the topic of Content strategy & Information architecture.

… and this is just the tip of the iceberg as we have so much more than video content inside the course:

– Exercises and practice files
– 2 Course projects
– Coaches to review your work
– Live events
– Resources and tools
– Monthly challenges
– And more!

Are you ready to transform your whole career? Join us here:


00:00 Introduction: Content Strategy
01:19 Content Strategy vs. Information Architecture
01:45 What is content strategy
02:00 Information architecture
02:17 How we do it
02:40 First step: Do your prep
03:38 Second step: Brainstorm and discuss content, tone, SEO
04:33 Third step: Sort and group to pages
06:28 Fourth step: How to structure the content
08:27 The web structure tool: Site Map
09:08 The web structure: The non-fancy way
10:15 Sitemap labeling matter
10:40 Types of structure
13:16 One page vs multi-page
17:20 Common web components
17:36 Homepage: purpose and structure
20:48 Navigation: purpose and best practices
25:00 Global vs Local Navigation
27:00 Using breadcrumbs
28:00 Do you need a search function?
29:10 Hero section
31:40 Testimonials
34:00 The logo bar
36:00 Pricing table
38:20 Product page
40:30 Checkout page
44:20 Forms
45:00 Contact page
46:58 Footer
48:48 Content development process
49:10 Do the heavy lifting for them
50:10 Ask for approval
50:30 Copywriting tips
53:40 Proofread
55:07 How I do a site map
59:00 Summary

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  1. great refresher and quite a good insight for specific components, thanks!

  2. Now that's an interesting and great video
    kept me engaged somehow thought the video

  3. Increíble! Excelente!!!

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  5. Thanks, Ran. This is awesome!

  6. I was born in 1980. My attention span is much longer than 15 seconds. Looks like the human race is in a downward spiral.

  7. Really valuable content for a web design course, something not all courses do not provide, emphasizing the knowledge of tools mostly. Watching it as a designer with 2 years of experience 😅

  8. 1:01:58 watched the entire video for the part at the end and guess what YOU fast forwarded that part without showing it properly.

  9. Thank you so much for your thorough videos! You're like the Proko of web design tutorials 😀

  10. Great presentation, thanks a lot. As on other comments, I also would like to know the font you used for the headings on the this presentation. Thanks!

  11. Gold

  12. very helpful content, thanks! would help a lot if you would not click your tongue so much, it's very annoying

  13. I love Flux’ content! Thank you for the work you’ve put into design teachings. Super educational.

  14. it really helped me alot thank you for making it easy to understand 😍

  15. this is what I'm looking for. God bless you Ran!

  16. NEW SUBSCRIBER here! 🛎️ Well articulated. Which fonts have you used on this video? Thanks.

  17. Hi @flux do you discuss SEO in the web design course to help designers optimize the clients’s website for SEO

  18. thank you so much for sharing this. I need to build a website on my own and this is exactly the information I need to get started.

  19. This is great, it enlightens me on how to create a website

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  23. Great content. Very thorough. Concise.

  24. This content is the bomb! Haven't found stuff that's so informative elsewhere.

  25. You have helped me throughout my whole freelance career to become more and more professional. Thank you soooo much <3

  26. I understand that this is a visual designer's approach to content creation, but I can't let: "the paragraphs are way less important" just slide. It's irresponsible advice, that will just lead to crappy content. The reason why some say: “Ugly websites convert better than pretty websites.”

  27. Wow, this helped me so much. It's exactly what I was searching for. Thank you so much!

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