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freeCodeCamp’s Top Open Source Contributors of 2023


freeCodeCamp’s Top Open Source Contributors of 2023

2023 has been an amazing year for the freeCodeCamp community.

I’m so grateful for the many kind volunteers who have helped us advance our mission of creating open learning resources.

Over the past 12 months, the freeCodeCamp community has:

  • Merged 2,753 code contributions into our open source repositories on GitHub
  • Published 114 free, full-length courses on YouTube
  • Published 1,045 text-based coding tutorials and 20 free books through freeCodeCamp Press
  • Translated more than 2 million words from English, to make our curriculum and tutorials more accessible to speakers of many world languages
  • And we launched our Android and iOS mobile apps for using freeCodeCamp on the go.

We also launched Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese weekly podcasts. And I personally published 19 interviews with software developers on the English freeCodeCamp podcast.

A screenshot of the freeCodeCamp mobile app, showing our podcast player which includes all 4 of the freeCodeCamp weekly podcasts.

A huge thanks to all 419 of our freeCodeCamp Top Open Source Contributors for 2023. 🏕️

Here’s the full list, broken out by category of contribution. If you’re one of these Top Contributors, expect an email from me in the coming days.

GitHub Codebase Top Contributors

Publication Top Contributors

Forum Top Contributors

Translation Top Contributors

YouTube Contributors

Discord Top Contributors

  • plamoni
  • texas2010
  • Unrecover#5311
  • bradtaniguchi
  • AndreyDmitriev39r#1929
  • bordin12
  • neclo#0
  • wanggang
  • amineabdo
  • tobyplaystheuke
  • greatoverlordx
  • alpox
  • lycelia.com
  • Randomized#0667
  • vedamruta
  • thaitiesthetie
  • thebringerofcakes
  • wistful_ocean
  • dotty.dev
  • sazk07
  • sboon
  • xcoffeeman
  • materialisolari
  • jluboff
  • secondarymonitor
  • cyclokitty

Again, these are just the most prolific among the thousands of people involved in the freeCodeCamp community.

If you’re interested in getting involved in the freeCodeCamp community as an open source contributor, I encourage you to read our Contributor Guide and to join our Contributor Discord.

Thanks again, and happy coding. 🏕️

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