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Excel Data Analytics Full Course | Essential Skills For Data Analysis In Excel | Simplilearn

Excel Data Analytics Full Course | Essential Skills For Data Analysis In Excel | Simplilearn

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This Excel Data Analytics Full Course video will help you understand the various crucial functions available in Excel, such as lookup, H lookup, sumif/s, counif/s, if error, and others. Finally, you will see how to use the Data Analysis Toolpak to perform various data analysis operations. So, let’s begin.

00:00:00 Basic of excel data analysis
00:04:20 Lookup & functions in excel data analysis
01:37:58 Conditional formating in excel data analysis
01:54:30 Data validation in excel data analysis
02:36:30 Sorting and filtering in excel data analysis
03:23:55 Data analysis using toolpak in excel data analysis

Dataset Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1U8CF0Xx3NivXdfrQvXJ_462tEb26oPuX

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What is Microsoft Excel?
Excel is one of the best applications available for creating spreadsheets to crunch numbers and dashboard reports and storing and administering data. This software first appeared on the scene back in 1987, and since then it has grown to become one of the most popular pieces of software for home or business. Excel can be used for data entry to store data in the form of a table, such as recording your daily expenses or business expenditure. It can also be used for inventory management.

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✅ Skills Covered

– Data Analytics
– Statistical Analysis using Excel
– Data Analysis Python and R
– Data Visualization Tableau and Power BI
– Linear and logistic regression modules
– Clustering using kmeans
– Supervised Learning

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