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Essential tips for dealerships from automotive SEO expert Greg Gifford

Essential tips for dealerships from automotive SEO expert Greg Gifford

As dealerships compete for visibility, understanding SEO can make all the difference. And you may be thinking, I’ve got a vendor for that! Well, how do you know if your vendor is helping you or just taking your money? Joining us on the latest episode of CBT Now to address SEO and what you need to know is Automotive SEO Expert and the Chief Operating Officer of SearchLab, Greg Gifford. 

Key Takeaways 

1. Greg Gifford emphasizes that dealerships’ most significant mistake is neglecting the quality of their website content. He explains that recent Google updates focus on the customer experience and content relevance. Therefore, dealerships need to create dedicated pages for specific services (like oil changes or tire rotations) to improve search visibility, as generic content fails to stand out.

2. Gifford warns against relying solely on vendors without understanding their methods. He highlights the problem of vendors using a basic checklist approach, which doesn’t tailor SEO strategies to individual dealerships. Dealers should ask vendors critical questions about their approach, time allocation, and how they plan to improve the dealership’s unique digital pattern.

3. SEO is not static; Google frequently updates its algorithms. Gifford advises dealerships to stay informed about these changes and ensure their SEO strategies evolve accordingly. He stresses the need for ongoing efforts and adapting to new trends to maintain and improve search rankings.

4. Dealers should assess the actual time vendors spend on their SEO efforts. Moreover, Gifford suggests breaking down the cost to understand if enough time and effort are being invested. He provides a benchmark, indicating that spending less than $2,500 a month likely means insufficient time is spent on practical SEO work.

5. Nevertheless, Gifford points out that many dealerships fall into the trap of using cookie-cutter content provided by OEMs. He urges dealers to personalize this content to reflect their unique offerings and local market. Additionally, he highlights the importance of setting clear goals with vendors and ensuring that SEO efforts align with the dealership’s specific business objectives, whether focusing on new car sales, used car sales, or fixed operations.

“Your vendor partnership should be a partnership. You shouldn’t have to be asking them to do certain things or seeing SEO tips on YouTube and questioning why your vendor isn’t implementing them.” – Greg Gifford.

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