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Dorik Website Builder Basics

Dorik Website Builder Basics

From this video, you will get a basic walkthrough of Dorik Website Builder features.

You will learn, edit contents on Dorik website using the builder, how to add new elements on the site and you will learn about many other useful options available on Dorik Website Builder throughout the video.

How to Add Fonts on Your Website:

How to Connect Custom Domain with Dorik?

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CMS Tutorials:

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If you have any question regarding Dorik Website Builder – please feel free to ask us by commenting below.

And, visit https://dorik.com/ for more information!


Comments (6)

  1. Can you link a button to a section

  2. Nice tutorial but your going way too fast for those of us that are novices , Please do a videos that are slower ,, talk a little slower so people can follow along , you talk way to fast , you are a real smart dude fore sure but need to come down to the level of us who are new to all of this , that is the secret to teaching !!

  3. When I get the CMS package from you, is it required to purchase hosting or only a domain to launch my website? I am trying to find out this info, but it is not available as far as I have checked.

  4. Plz sort it out if possible,

  5. I have put a subscription form in the end but it is not working, as I have linked it with convertkit

  6. Does the Blog posting feature not available in Dorik classic plan?

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