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Designers Only Need These 6 Fonts. Trash the Rest.

Designers Only Need These 6 Fonts. Trash the Rest.

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World-renowned designer Massimo Vignelli once said, “Out of thousands of typefaces, all we need are a few basic ones, and trash the rest”.

Some of Vignelli’s work:
– Corporate identity for American Airlines
– Graphics for United States National Park Service
– The subway map for the MTA New York City Transit Authority

Today we’ll explore the 6 classic typefaces that Vignelli believes are all that you’ll ever need for any project, ever.

Why Is Typography Important in Graphic Design (blog post): https://bit.ly/3pnTHWD

00:00 Intro
1:17 Garamond
1:58 Bodoni
3:00 Century Expanded
3:40 Futura
4:56 Times Roman
5:40 Helvetica

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Comments (23)

  1. OH hell NO
    Don't say sexy when i, watching u naked!

  2. More like Heavenvetica 😛

  3. Damn just snubbed Brush Script! And Zapf Dingbats, my god! For my money Goudy Oldstyle is more attractive than Garamond. Times New Roman has retired, there should be another Sans Serif on the list of 6. Roboto maybe or Inter…. both respectable newer fonts and in wide use. Segoe? Segue? Something…

  4. how to leverage your fame and make more money with less effort… In comes these sorts of tactics… Would we all only use these 6 typefaces he'd have 'invented' new ones. it's just trendy to suggest the opposite of what is perceived to be the mainstream approach.

  5. For beginners.

  6. Would any of the below typefaces be suitable for a Fantasy Book Cover Novel about dragons and castles to sell on Amazon for print and eBooks?
    1. Garamond
    2. Bodoni
    3. Century Expanded
    4. Futura
    5. Times New Roman
    6. Helvetica

  7. I found this an interesting and useful video. The six or eight basic fonts I agree with as a starting point but not to trash the rest. For example, I noticed no Script Typefaces were mentioned that are meant to simulate handwriting. Also, an array of other fonts need to be considered such as Univers, Gill Sans, Commercial Script, Formal Script, Bodini, Clarendon, Plantin, Cooper Black, not to mention fonts that are condensed, extended and wide. All fonts need to be well designed by professional designers with love and understanding of typography and ultimately need to look at a typeface and what projects they are best suited for and visa versa. Typography is a huge and fascinating topic so choose the right typeface for the right project to communicate the best message.

  8. Yes, thank you. Youtube at its best!

  9. I would also recommend Baskerville for a classic looking serif font. The italicized variation is beautiful, elegant, and useful.

  10. personaly I don't use any of those, cause I don't like them. Also most of them makes my eyes hurt after a while. so yeah…

  11. great information sir. futura medium i can use for my branding logo???

  12. Would love a best go-to default Windows font list lol.

  13. Akzidenz-Grotesk and Palatino are my basic fonts.

  14. wtf i didn't know matt walsh did web design

  15. What are the fonts used in the thumbnail? Love the bold one 😊

  16. Heyy .
    Anyone having AvenirNext font.
    Kindly share

  17. Times New Roman was developed for The Times (of London) not a magazine.

  18. Whats the font for your jumper? 🤨

  19. TLDR: the six fonts are Comic Sans, Comic Sans, Comic Sans, Comic Sans, Comic Sans, Comic Sans

  20. Strange to leave out Antiqua

  21. great

  22. I'm not paying for fonts in a world where there are so many open-source alternatives.

    EB Garamond is free and a perfect replacement for Garamond.
    Inter is a free replacement for Helvetica.
    Neuzeit replaces Futura

    Beyond that, Google has a nice selection of fonts that could be used to replace many of these as well.

  23. 1:10 "Garamond“ is not a font, but a name used and misused for a pretty big variety of quite different humanist or oldstyle fonts, some of which are nothing to do with the work of Garamond. The typeface shown at 1:20 looks like "Garamond 3", which is actually based on a design by Jean Jannon, misattributed to Garamond in the 1900s. It's oldstyle, but it's not based on the work of Claude Garamond.
    1:19 No! Oldstyle type [sic!] faces are definitely not from "the middle ages“! After all, typography is an invention of the Renaissance! Neither are the scripts on which these typefaces are based.
    1:37 Most of the purported visual examples of "Garamond" are nothing of the sort.
    "Google!“, for example, is rendered in a transitional typeface, possibly a bold version of Baskerville. It's hard to tell from this low-resolution rendition, but just look at the axis of the „o“, it's clearly not "oldstyle" at all! Being based on a design from the 1700s, it misses Garamond by almost 300 years.
    "I will eat them in a house" is pretty blurred, but it's clearly set in Times New Roman, another transitional typeface, and therefore, again, not an oldstyle typeface, let alone one by Garamond.
    Although the Apple logo shows some kind of "Garamond", it is heavily electronically distorted, which doesn't look "smart" at all! Wouldn't you agree?
    2:01 Bodoni (1700s to early 1800s) was Italian. His fonts, including the eponymous Bodoni typeface, were inspired by Englishman John Baskerville and by French typographers including Fournier and Didot, but this hardly makes them French.
    3:07 What makes Century Expanded allegedly "super readable" [do you mean, more correctly, "legible"?] and "one of the most readable typefaces throughout history“? Could you explain? I am curious. By the way, Supreme Court Rule 33, which determines the size and typography of booklets filed with the Supreme Court, is actually nothing to do with the purported readability (or legibility) of any of Century Expanded, New Century Schoolbook, or Century Schoolbook.
    4:00 Paul Renner's Futura is from the late 1920s. The letter "O“ is not a complete circle (it's slightly wider in the horizontal). Moreover, most of the visual examples on 4:47 have been slightly "customised".
    5:16 "The Ne … The Times Magazine …". Seriously?
    7:08 Not to put too fine a point on it, this is just utter crap!

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