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Design Portfolio: Complete guide

Design Portfolio: Complete guide

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You know you need a new portfolio, but you’re procrastinating.
That’s because there are so many tough questions –
– What tools to use?
– What should be in the hero?
– How do I present my work?

Today – I’m going to break these down for you, step by step, so that you can finally take action, launch your new portfolio, and win some amazing new clients.

Remember – graphic design is important, so if you’re not strong, use a template

00:00 – Intro
00:19 – Where we’ll start
01:01 – What tools to use
03:57 – What should be in the hero section
08:47 – How to present your work
11:03 – Case study structure
14:13 – Your portfolio is like your business card

Webflow 👉 https://webflow.com/templates/tag/portfolio-websites
Carbonmade 👉 https://carbonmade.com/
Semplice 👉 https://www.semplice.com/

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Portfolios reviewed:

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Comments (49)

  1. Hi, I have a question. I was curious how would you build your portfolio with a mixture of skills? Let's say I am designer, photographer and got qualifications in web developement and design as well I am into project management.What would the best approach be? I am currently researching how best can l make my skills to stand out 😀

  2. best video thnks

  3. What microphone you got mate?

  4. So the only free is webflow?

  5. Which one is better? Especially free

  6. john

  7. Great vid. What's most important for a freelancer or web design biz, a portfolio or a sales funnel landing page? Perhaps incorporate a portfolio into the sales funnel page? Or make a subpage so you can SEO it individually? Would love to hear thoughts on this

  8. Hey, what tool is Nikila's Portfolio made using?

  9. is webflow free?

  10. What is a hero?

  11. A proper portfolio is not a website. You don’t really need a website for portfolio. It’s definitely good for online presence.

  12. Do you make HTML videos

  13. You explained well

  14. Because of dividends, I first began investing in stocks. It's important, in my opinion, to be able to live off of dividends without selling if you invest and make other income in addition to payouts. It suggests that you may pass that down to your kids and give them a leg up in life. Over the years, I've invested over $600k in dividend stocks; I continue to buy more today and will keep doing so until the price drops even further.

  15. This was really helpfully. Thank you so much 🙂

  16. Thank you for this tips & guide in creating a portfolio. :)😊

  17. Is the downloadable guide no longer available?

  18. It was useful, but it would have been more interesting and, again, useful, especially for broke graphic designers to see free web sites.

  19. how do you get those page screenshots at time 9:14? I want to post portfolio pages like that on my website, but I dont know how to get the picture in that format.

  20. Thank you!!!

  21. Thanks for interesting video 🤩

  22. thank youuu!!

  23. So what is the benefit of a web designer using a website builder instead of building their own website? Seems counterintuitive to me.

  24. Adobe portfolio does the job

  25. That's a lot of flair

  26. Something I’m struggling with…I see how cool these portfolios look. Mine is simple and straight to the point. These portfolios give me insecurity LOL.

  27. the one with too much animation is too laggy

  28. Meanwhile me using CSS

  29. Those websites seem to me too heavy and not very performing. Even from the video. Though they looked amazing.

  30. I can't find the guide!

  31. were the portfolios, all made on webflow?

  32. For a new software developer applying for their first job should i create a portfolio from scratch showing my html, css and javascript skills or just copy and paste a portfolio from WiX? i would appreciate any feedback. TIA

  33. Can you make a series on watching websites from Smartphones? As most of the clients are going to watch on smartphones.

  34. Great Video! May I wonder if your thumbnail a template ? If it is, can I get the link of it ?

  35. Can't access the portfolio handbook There's an error..

  36. Anybody knows where to download fonts with the ‘bold style’, or an up to date fonts?

  37. There's a problem with drag n drop builders: page speed. It becomes terrible, are not optimized, there's a lot of erros and etc. As Google is the one ranking, mostly, it definitely will separate websites which are done on those. Beware!! This is where real developers will shine, creating optimized websites which are faster and more concise.

  38. Pls make webflow tutorial coz im interesting with webflow but in my work use elementor. I just want to move from elementor to webflow but what i see is so complicated in webflow😢

  39. Bro that bottle is very nice. please add the link for it

  40. How do I build an effect like Basil's site?

  41. Not all of us like to showcase our pictures for the public. I don't even include my photo in my resume. It opens up to being discriminated against. Or judged on your appearance instead of your skills. No thank you.

  42. If I 3d motion designer can i use advice from this video. Or these aren't for me?

  43. Apart from Astra starter template and Envato WordPress theme is there any other template plugins in WordPress that works well

  44. OMG nice i liked an subbed

  45. Works well!! DANKEEE

  46. Can I get my portfolio on behance? 😅

  47. "obviously he didn't take this photos.." well actually he did do that

  48. Great guide! Currently using Semplice to build my portfolio 🙂

  49. thank you for a great video.

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