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Data Science In 5 Minutes | Data Science For Beginners | What Is Data Science? | Simplilearn

Data Science In 5 Minutes | Data Science For Beginners | What Is Data Science? | Simplilearn

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This What is Data Science Video will give you an idea of a life of Data Scientist. This Data Science for Beginners video will also explain the steps involved in the Data Science project, roles & salary offered to a Data Scientist. Data Science is basically dealing with unstructured and structured data. Data Science is a field that comprises of everything that is related to data cleansing, preparation, and data analysis.
Below topics are explained in this Data Science tutorial:
00:00 Introduction
00:10 Life of a Data Scientist
Steps in Data Science project
00:21 Understanding the business problem
00:37 Data acquisition
00:51 Data preparation
01:29 Exploratory data analysis
01:52 Data modeling
02:20 Visualization and communication
02:43 Deploy & maintenance
03:11 Roles offered to a Data Scientist
03:53 Salary of a Data Scientist

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✅ Skills Covered
– Exploratory Data Analysis
– Descriptive Statistics
– Inferential Statistics
– Model Building and Fine Tuning
– Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
– Ensemble Learning
– Deep Learning
– Data Visualization

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  1. Thank you soooo much you have helped me greatly in understanding this feild I was in a great amount of stress on what I should chose my older sister is also a data scientist and she told me I would be able to do it but I didn't know a single thing regarding this feild but thanks to your video and all the apps that you've recomended Inshallah I will be successfull in this Job

  2. My son is doing online 4 Yr Degree Course Frm IIT Madras in Data Science.. Will he get Job in india or Foreign?

  3. Currently i am doing data science degree and i choose data science with no such specific reason just wanted to chose some IT degree cause it has a nice scope , on the other the universities dont actually make interest in us about the degree , they always taught some stupid subjects like ICT , DLD , ENGLISH ,blaa blaaa which has no concern with data science , courses like data handling , data prepration , data analyzation sounds really amazing subjects which should be taught, not those stupid subjects , can be taught but spending 6 months or. 1 year on those stupid subjects does actually make me feel that like i am wasting my time , like we can spend that time on the subjects which u are talking right now on data, 1 or 2 years spending on some stupid subjects in universities is just like a bullshit😒
    Right now I had spend 2 smesters but i even dont feel like that i am doing data science 😂

  4. This was very good.

  5. Really great and i formative video, thanks

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  15. hey, nice video I would like to become a data scientist for free is that possible?

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  17. I am from srilanka
    Finished my Advanced level examination
    I got s passes for maths, physics and ICT.
    Now I am confused what should I choose. Software engineering or computer science.
    My dream is to earn more. So which will be the best option. Please give me a respond asap

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    Animation demo good

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    DS ❤

  22. How I Start learning data science

  23. The course has helped me boost my career. After the certification, I was selected for so many posts. Now, I am getting more responsibilities and the spectrum of my work has broadened.

  24. Kindly let know on how Python will be useful in the context of Datascience.

  25. Was curious…now I know it is not the job for me. Thank you for this video!

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  28. What is the basic requirement before becoming a data scientist?

  29. I'm a mechanic engineer graduate can I go for Data science instead of master in engineering management

  30. I am currently working in MNC as software Engineer in support team, can I choose MBA (data science ) .is it right choice or not

  31. enable subtitles please

  32. My education is 2puc can i go for data science or it needs engineering,degree??

  33. I am a recent graduate in Computer Science and want to instead go into Data Science industry instead of the traditional Software Developer/ Software Engineer career. So as someone like me who eventually one day wants to work in data science industry, is there an entry level job role that one can apply as a starting point and just get promoted/ level up to a data science in time rather than just trying to apply for a data science position from the get go? I dont mind starting at the bottom and working my way up the ladder. Anyone have any suggestions?

  34. This was NOT helpful at all! I have no idea what a Data Scientist is..and you assumed people like myself would know the terms you used or how it is applied in business scenarios. I came here to learn..but you created a video for people who already know the basics of data science and how it is applied..which means this was NOT a video for beginners. This doesn't make me want to watch any more of your videos since you did such a poor job here! ☹👎

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  40. It's my dream to become a data scientist…
    Thank for sharing this information ☺️

  41. i have no knowledge about coding or anything .is it safe to enter into this course ?

  42. Analyze given data and give insights… Sounds common sense to me… But it's now called as data science… 😁

  43. I have completed b. Sc with maths am I eligible to do master in data science

  44. Excellent video, kudos to the creators… where can i persue and get certified?

  45. t was a great overview of all the process

  46. Finally a video that doesn't scare me to quit learning data science

  47. I feel like this is not good for beginners because there are so many technical terms I didn’t get. Maybe break it down a bit

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