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CREATING A GOOD HERO FOR YOUR WEBSITE: Free Web Design Course | Episode 10

CREATING A GOOD HERO FOR YOUR WEBSITE: Free Web Design Course | Episode 10

How to design a good hero section.

In this video, I teach you what a hero section is and how it can make your website’s audience intrigued or not interested.

What do you think it is that makes us want to stay on a website for longer? Let me know in the comments👇

· Intro 0:29
· Answer these 3 questions 0:56
· Demo 3:04
· Choosing an image 3:42
· Trick to make an image bigger 4:47
· Bringing in the logo 6:20
· Adding text and buttons 7:39

Watch every video of the Free Web Design course here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXC_gcsKLD6n7p6tHPBxsKjN5hA_quaPI

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Comments (32)

  1. thank you so much

  2. Super❤

  3. Making the get tickets text white would really draw your eye to the button

  4. Thank You So Much!

  5. The best site for images for free??

  6. 13:10 It's not the point of the video but still very important to note for beginner graphic designers who may be unaware. You cannot, under any circumstances, change the Logo of the company you are working for unless you have written approval.

  7. video completed

  8. am Daisy from Kenya i have been learning from your channel

  9. hello ,,,when i download the image from unsplash,,,the image extension is avif which doesnot open on anything

  10. i started web design 3 days ago, i picked up Adobe XD and learned the basics and the ins and outs of it but when i started copying youtube videos i felt kinda lost and overwhelmed because i didn't understand why i'm doing things i this way and not this way , i was literally going to quite today but i gave this play list a chance . you gave me hope man thank you from the bottom of my heart

  11. Photoshop AI can auto-fill the blank space in your stretched graphic much easier.

  12. Good videos man. As a project manager at SEO agency I’ve learned a lot.

    Btw if you ever need SEO collab, I would be happy to do it. (Targeting user intent doesn’t come natural to 95% of humans)

  13. Very good series … but please learn the difference between "it's"and "its", so easy to blow your credibility with simple errors in grammar!

  14. thank you for showing how to make it come true, exactly what I wanted years ago.

  15. If you have held this hero till now for some inspiration later on, then please spell the sub-text correctly.

    You don't need to say thanks! I need to thank you that you teach so wonderfully.

  16. I watched this one after the "Star Wars"-inspired hero section tutorial. I liked how the copy questions were elaborated upon here, and I think the step-by-step process is really helpful for newcomers. Excellent work.

  17. I watched half the video and asked myself were are the codes at 😅😅😅 too late to realize xD

  18. I am a seventy year old retired gentleman.
    I have ownd several businesses and been at senior management of several Australian Public Companies.
    What amazes me about modern business websites is the reluctance of Companies to give "proper" contact information.
    They want you to respond on their Web Link but usually no-one is monitoring the website.
    No one replies.
    WHY are Companies who are advertising their services on the internet so reluctant to post their PHONE NUMBER and ADDRESS?
    Are they frightened that potential customers might want to ring them up to get more information or maybe even place an order?
    I don't get it!
    Maybe it is just modern Corporate greed.
    They expect the customer to do all the work with minimal involvement themselves.
    You have to wonder why they are "advertising" on the Internet in the first place.

  19. Those eyebrows of yours have a life of their own – almost like there's a puppeteer pulling strings – they bob up and down in synchrony with a bride's nighty on her wedding night.

  20. Episode 10

  21. Always check for typos, too. Stake> Skate..

  22. it would be nice if you would be using free programs for this. I have no idea how i should do the image extension in gimp….

  23. u really educating me bro love u

  24. you are awesome ❤

  25. Ran is the so good he called the finished hero page “decent” W Ran awesome video bud!

  26. What size should the hero section be?

  27. It would be great if the CTA button color was white.

  28. Thanks a lot for your sharing!

  29. Do we need a hero while designing for mobile?

  30. thank you very much, your videos are design saving

  31. meh

  32. Very useful, thank you

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