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Best 6 Ai Tools For Designers

Best 6 Ai Tools For Designers

Watch for another crazy Ai tool for designers (chatGPT): https://youtu.be/CdBYeaF1a5U

For designers to produce their best work efficiently, they need to stay on top of new tools and resources. A.I is already providing new tools to become better designers. In this video, I’m going to share with you 6 A.I tools that you need to pay attention to if you want to stay at the cutting edge, produce the best work and do it most efficiently.

Tools mentioned:
Dall E2: https://labs.openai.com/
Astria: https://www.strmr.com/examples
Jasper: https://beta.jasper.ai/
Luma Ai: https://lumalabs.ai/
Runway ML: https://runwayml.com/
Durable: https://durable.co/ai-website-builder

00:00 – Intro
00:30 – Tool #1 (Dall.E2)
03:53 – Tool #2 (Astria)
06:39 – Tool #3 (Jasper)
09:05 -Tool #4 (Luma Ai)
10:00 -Tool #5 (Runway ML)
10:53 -Tool #6 (Durable)

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  1. You have close to flawless English, there's an accent but it's minimal and you seem to have a wide vocabulary.

    Just a hint though. Transcript your videos into a word document and type in "basically"… Do a wordcount and try and cut the use of that word by about 70%

    This is a friendly suggestion, I enjoy your videos

  2. I was really inspired by your video! It reminded me of another AI-based design tool I came across, known as Stylar ai. This web tool has a feel similar to Photoshop, offering features like LOGO/architectural design styles, and it's more user-friendly. However, it's still quite basic and seems to be in a beta phase.

  3. Nice info, thanks for sharing, well done 🙂

  4. Can you make a video about your video production process? Checking it after quite some time and this video is quite different 😀

  5. Foock and Death For israel #freepalestine .

  6. This is awesome 👏 thank you for sharing

  7. Checkout another AI list – https://www.youtube.com/shorts/9j1__Lq2O1A

  8. ‏‪13:06‬‏ can i change the pictures and the text .ect

  9. It may be goog to say before that all tools you are showing cost money.

  10. Really insightful video on AI tools for designers! Have you explored ZeroBot AI? It's the first verbal chatbot and could add a unique twist to your list. Looking forward to possibly seeing it featured in your content.

  11. Lmao employees complaining and freelancers gaining

  12. Rather then producing your own creativity and explore individual contributions to society ,you just steal others ideas.yhis 8s dangerous

  13. Why pay a designer if the client can and will do it.

    AI already knows what good looks like so prompts are not going to give a client a bad result .

  14. is it freee???

  15. the web design generator can be helpful for people that are just starting to learn web design programs, so they can recreate what is generated in the program they are learning

  16. Bitdi✅

  17. hopfully itll put me into a job so i can leave this god forsaken dead end job

  18. Who owns the final artwork that you used for your client's work? This is a question that I have found very few video posters willing to discuss. IP is going to be a treacherous road to navigate if left unknown. If you used someone's stock photography image and altered it. Is it yours? Is it public domain? Is it property of the AI engine? If it is not yours does that mean anybody can use it? Does that become a problem for the original photographer whose work you used?

  19. What is the name of the background music in intro?

  20. Thanks, good stuff. You sound like you are constantly running out of breath.

  21. Sorry but they all almost useless because they are paid and not all the renders about half Midjourney result!
    Also the website creator only create a very simple page and you need to pay $15 monthly and that is ridiculous!
    but thanks for the info anyway it's good to know 👍

  22. Youtube really mastered the art of script writing that sounds sensible which actually isn't.

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