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Azure Fundamentals Certification (AZ-900) – Pass the Exam With This Free 8-Hour Course


Azure Fundamentals Certification (AZ-900) – Pass the Exam With This Free 8-Hour Course

The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification is for technology professionals who want to demonstrate foundational knowledge of cloud concepts in general and Microsoft Azure in particular. This exam is a common starting point in a journey towards a career in Azure.

We just posted a full exam-prep course on the freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel for the AZ-900 exam. Andrew Brown from ExamPro developed this course.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud service provider. A cloud service provider (CSPs) is a technology company that offers multiple cloud services. Azure has listed over 600 cloud service offerings, from computing to storage to databases to machine learning.

Azure is the second most popular cloud platform behind Amazon Web Services (AWS). Still, many long-lived or large tech companies are embracing both cloud platforms. This may be because Azure is able to compete on cost, niche cloud-offerings, easy integration, and developers’ familiarity with Microsoft software.

The Azure Foundations Certification

The Azure Foundations certification is the entry-level cloud certification for Microsoft Azure. It is commonly referred to by its course code, the AZ-900.

The exam covers the following domains:

  • Cloud Concepts
  • Azure Core Services
  • Security, Privacy, Compliance and Trust
  • Pricing and Support

The average study time – even for people who are new to cloud development – is only one week of study.

There is also some knowledge transfer if you have already earned the AWS Cloud Certified Practitioner (AWS’s entry-level certification). But don’t expect to pass the AZ-900 without studying.

Microsoft and Azure previously had Certifications that were service specific, but they have changed to role based Certifications (certifications based on job title).

How do you get the certification?

You obtain certification by paying the exam fee, and sitting the exam at a test center partnered with Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure is partnered with Pearson Vue, a network of test centers around the world. Pearson Vue allows you to sit the exam in person or online. To sit the exam online, you need to ensure you have a quiet, clutter-free room and a working web-camera.

Microsoft has a portal page on Pearsue Vue where you register and book your exam.

Can I simply watch the course and pass the exam?

For the entry-level certification, yes, it is possible to pass by just watching videos if you already have a technical background.

For more difficult certification levels starting at the Associate level, it is necessary to use paid practice exams by third-party providers.

The exam has 40 to 60 questions with a timeline of 1 hour.

A passing grade is around 70%.

Watch the full course on the freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel (8-hour watch).

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