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AWS In 10 Minutes | AWS Tutorial For Beginners | AWS Cloud Computing For Beginners | Simplilearn

AWS In 10 Minutes | AWS Tutorial For Beginners | AWS Cloud Computing For Beginners | Simplilearn

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This video on AWS tutorial for Beginnersis designed to help you understand about AWS Cloud Computing Platform, its architectural principles and services – in just 10 minutes. In this AWS Training video, you will learn how cloud computing is redefining the rules of IT infrastructure architecture, as well as how to design, plan, and scale your AWS Cloud implementation with best practices recommended by Amazon. This tutorial is ideal for beginners to learn what is AWS(Amazon web services) all about.

Below are the topics covered in this AWS Tutorial((Amazon web services tutorial)
-00:00 AWS Tutorial for Beginners
-00:29 What is AWS(Amazon web services)?
-01:38 Why AWS(Amazon web services) is such a hit?
-03:54 AWS Services Overview
-06:04 AWS Pricing(Amazon web services pricing)
-07:56 AWS Future( Future of Amazon web services)

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This Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing helps you become an expert in designing, planning, and scaling cloud implementations. Our Cloud Computing course helps you master the core skill sets required to design and deploy dynamically scalable and reliable applications on three popular cloud platform providers: Microsoft Azure, AWS, and GCP.

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✅ Skills Covered
– Cloud Provider Selection
– Application Migration
– Performance Testing
– Cloud Workloads
– Identity Access Management
– Autoscaling
– Disaster Recovery
– Web Services and API
– Cloud Migration and Deployment
– Database Management
– MultiCloud Deployment
– Storage Services

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  1. Truly Brilliant way of explanation, in fact better than many paid class-room session. Thank you, for helping me to understand what is this AWS is all about.

  2. if i could have my app up in minuets i wouldn't be here sounds like ur trying to sell it.

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  6. Its really a full tuto let earn money 🗿

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  9. Anybody who is having software engineering or equals full time work experience. And who is authorised to work in US. And willing to learn Cloud technology and do certification?

  10. Great content

  11. How can i start aws?I don't have any technical background.

  12. What software do you use for your video creations and edittings?

  13. This is an excellent video for beginners
    I wish to ask , for someone who studied management where do I start to have a certificate in AWS ?

  14. Useful video! Thank you!

  15. their billing dashboard is about as simple as a the cockpit of a commercial airliner…

  16. Where to find the materials you are teaching from?

  17. Namaste

    Companies are now adopting multi cloud strategy , hence it is good to know the foundations of all major cloud service providers instead of only one

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  19. Which course is best cloud computing or cyber security

  20. Excellent! Congrats!

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  22. Do we need to learn DevOps if i am working as AWS Solution Architect? If yes, upto what extent?

  23. Amazon makes this all almost free. Their goal is to own the internet.

  24. thank you for your clear explanation ! best of luck

  25. Loved it! Great overview

  26. Is Amazon a trusted vender? I really don't think so. People should stay away from AWS based on how Parler was treated by Amazon. Amazon is a pure evil company.

  27. This isn't exactly for beginners..it's an overview, but you still threw out a lot of jargon and terminology without explanation. I'll have to look up a few things to fully understand your video.

  28. Thank you fam.

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  32. funny they talk about outages while were in a global outage right now

  33. #AWS very well xplained

  34. Awesome intro

  35. That's a warm welcoming familiar face. It's crazy this was 4️⃣ years ago. ML/AI is picking up steam.

  36. Thanks for the introduction. Please advice, once a person has done the login, what next? as being a complete new to this field, require guidance that how to start.

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