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Audio Production: Learn the Fundamentals

Audio Production: Learn the Fundamentals

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Step right into an audio production studio with Dave Bode and learn the basics of sound and technique. From understanding the equipment to working with audio in editing software, Dave will get you started in the world of audio production. In this course, you’ll learn:
• The basics of signal and noise
• Analog to digital conversion
• Handling various types of equipment, microphones and connections
• Working with audio in Reaper
• Recording music on electric and bass guitars
• and more!

1. Introduction
0:00 1.1 Introduction and Signal to Noise

2. Audio Recording
6:44 2.1 Analog to Digital Conversion
11:30 2.2 Intro to Microphones
14:37 2.3 Polar Patterns and Proximity
22:43 2.4 Preamps and Dis
28:02 2.5 Cables and Connections 01
35:39 2.6 Cables and Connections 02
45:29 2.7 Audio Interface, Studio Monitors, and Headphones
50:51 2.8 Reaper Demo 01
59:43 2.9 Reaper Demo 02
1:10:45 2.10 Recording Electric Guitar 01
1:17:15 2.11 Recording Electric Guitar 02
1:22:47 2.12 Recording Bass Guitar
1:31:31 2.13 Recording Acoustic Guitar

3. Conclusion
1:39:59 3.1 Conclusion

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Comments (20)

  1. Superb

  2. They need to teach this in Highschools. I would have loved this.

  3. WOW! Such great detail and clear teaching. I'm so glad I found this video and I feel ready to start moving forward with my audio career now. Thank You!!!

  4. Good job actually going into depth and showing us actual information, whereas most people just sit there yapping in their videos.

  5. anvone here know if there's a workflow (i.e. order of operations) for fairlight? or audio in general?

    for example, like resolve's "image processing order of operations" for color?

  6. This guy is legendary! I've learned so much about Adobe AE and Premier from his in-depth Envato Tuts tutorials. Now, I'm about to learn Audio.

  7. Does using a split connector lower the bit rate or sample rate if that's the correct use of the terms? Or rather does it weaken the signal if it's splitting it?

    I tried googling it but people are giving the wrong answer. It's only intuitive to me that splitting a signal means that the source has to double output to maintain the same level equally going both ways as it would have been gping one way. Correct?

  8. I was so excited to learn but why is the introduction the same as Crash Course?!

  9. Am about to take up media production and a 2nd degree in music production any best books or even the books for college for audio production 2?

  10. Incredibly helpful video, thank you so much

  11. Thanks so much! There's so much I've got to learn and you are a fantastic teacher on a complex subject! Really helping me to understand!

  12. Tons of great material. I'll be back to review. Thanks!

  13. Wow what a wonderful lecture video I liked it Thanks Sir, you are just like music lover who become an engineer !

  14. The best tutorial I have ever seen. Thank you.

  15. @1:14:25 when he whipped out the guitar mouth dropped

  16. I loved every second of it.

  17. Subbed. Feel like I just learned more in this video than I could have learned in a 3 month online course. Your gonna be my go to guru for learning how to create, record, and produce studio quality music 🎶
    My hope is to get rich enough from AMC investment, that I can afford to set up the best home studio with all of the quality, high end software, and components, and instruments, and equipment that I could ever need to create an endless amount of music weather it be a rock n roll style of music or even just some basic, hard hitting rap music. Sometimes I'll record cover songs of all my favorite guitar songs, and when my music theory skills improve, I'll be looking to create alot of my own, authentic songs that I'll own the rights to to share to social media without having to worry about it getting removed for not belonging to me lol

  18. Great Job – Envato: Take Notes ! Create a go to book of knowledge you can reference anytime – Envato, has nailed Recording 101 down. I like the way he cuts to the chase and dishes it out.

  19. Great tutorial.

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