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Advanced Logo Design Techniques

Advanced Logo Design Techniques

Learn to design beautiful strategic brands with our Brand Design Mastery course – https://bit.ly/3FMaM8o

In this video, I’m going to introduce three advanced logo design techniques, show you them in use, and demonstrate how you can begin experimenting with them in Adobe Illustrator


00:00 – Intro
00:10 – Overshoot
03:11 – Negative & Small Alternates
07:43 – Gradation
11:10 – Creating a gradation design in Illustrator

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Comments (37)

  1. can you please make a tutorial of the zero awards logo by rice creative?

  2. Did you notice the mic draws a gothic letter tattoo on your neck?

  3. The Munich 1972 Olympic CD was so great, I proudly wore a pyjama with this logo.

  4. Interesting

  5. 11:00 Auuuuf der heide bluht

  6. As someone who doesn’t like making logos, I found this the most informative video I’ve watched in a long time. I’m hoping you have made more videos…

  7. Is it just me? Or the example with the AO the O seems thicker than the A ?

  8. This is the most informative vid I’ve found. So many of my questions answered. Thank you 🔥🔥🔥

  9. God bless you

  10. This was eye-opening! Thanks, Flux!

  11. Honestly, I don’t know what I’m looking for. I keep Googling advanced branding, advanced logo design, advanced this and that just to cut through the cloud of starter or beginner techniques. I’m already an advanced Illustrator user. Except starter demos are all you find online even with paid courses. I have been in design close to two decades. I was there when professors in school where still teaching mechanical methods of design and when Macromedia Flash was still a thing. I went to a good school. While I feel in my element with color, grids and type, my biggest achilles heel has always been logos. I don’t even think the issue is how to draw them. I could sketch a terribly drawn logo as long as the concept is on point and personifies the brand’s voice. My issue is visualizing it’s shape. It’s a form issue with me. It’s also a concept problem. To understand the brand perspective and translate it into a mark that matches that persona. So most of my career I just stuck with editorial layout because it’s a bit less conceptual and mechanical in execution. But as we all know in design, unless your specific role is strictly layout or other, at some point there’s always that one guy who’s going to ask you for help with a logo. Suffice to say, it’s been pretty frustrating not having the confidence to build on what you already know.

  12. Please can you make a video on making entire identity systems

  13. Facebook used an F for a logo for a looong time. Maybe the fact that it is not distinctive, made it distinctive.

  14. Great stuff! I would love to see more videos like these. Maybe even see you work on a real logo? I could use some advice on my creative process.

  15. I love your videos and i really do always learn a lot from them so thank you!

  16. Thanks a lot

  17. dorks academy (otherwise losers who cannot do a real job)

  18. trust me this video was so helpful

  19. I'd give this a 6 out of 10. I would suggest you stay away from descriptive terminology that is subjectively opinion based. If the design process is reduced to subjective opinion, well everyone has one of those, so what do we need the designer for.

  20. fifteen minutes for NOTHING!!! don't bother

  21. 👏🏻 great class

  22. Great lesson

  23. and it has to be made in a software sold by adobe because adobe pays you lot of money, isn't it?

  24. Subscribed for your giving me your valuable time ❤

  25. Is there really a difference between a logo, emblem, and illustration?

  26. Bring some more! Thank you!

  27. Every day's a school day!

  28. This editing and video quality is top notch ❤

  29. While beauitful, how well will those complex logos scale?

  30. Should we put about these alternate adjustments in logo brand guide book?

  31. Great video, I loved the format!

  32. This guy is brilliant. Love to have a mentor like him

  33. If you went to art school in the 70's,, you would know all this obvious shit…

  34. Already learned the first two from Will Paterson's, but the third one caught my eye, definitely will experiment on the effect of that.

  35. "The curved bottoms" caught that 😂

  36. Helpful! 🙂

  37. One of my favorite branding videos you guys have done so far. Thanks for the great tips Matt! Just tweaked up a logo to improve the kerning on black and small spaces 🙂

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