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Advanced Excel Full Course 2024 | Excel Tutorial For Beginners | Excel Training | Simplilearn

Advanced Excel Full Course 2024 | Excel Tutorial For Beginners | Excel Training | Simplilearn

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Advanced Excel Full Course 2024 by Simplilearn is complete Excel tutorial that helps aspiring data analysts with excel data analytics fundamentals. This Microsoft Excel Tutorial For Beginners will cover basic topics of excel like data validation, conditional formatting, spreadsheet fundamentals to advanced excel topics like time series analysis, filters, slicers, excel dashboarding, data visualization, and much more.

This Excel Full Course will cover the following topics:
00:00:00 introduction to Microsoft Excel Full Course
00:01:52 Excel Basic Knowledge
00:18:45 How To Change Lower Case To Upper Case In Excel?
00:19:58 How To Add Rows In Excel?
00:21:32 How To Add Columns In Excel?
00:24:29 How To Select Entire Column In Excel?
00:27:16 How to Compare Two Columns In Excel?
00:34:36 How To Convert Rows To Columns In Excel?
00:36:13 How to Group Rows in Excel?
00:37:55 How To Remove Blank Rows In Excel?
00:41:44 How To Freeze Row In Excel Tutorial
00:44:12 How to Convert Numbers to Words in Excel?
00:46:59 Combining Data From Multiple Cells In Excel
00:49:27 How To Merge Cells In Excel
00:54:12 How to Add Date in Excel?
00:55:48 How To Change Date Format In Excel (dd/mm/yyyy) To (mm/dd/yyyy)
00:59:55 How To Calculate Age In Excel From A Date Of Birth?
01:01:37 How To Calculate Time Difference in Excel?
01:03:15 DAX In Excel Explained
01:08:20 Checkboxes In Excel
01:12:31 How to Insert Excel in PPT?
01:14:40 How To Insert Image In Excel?
01:18:05 How To Insert PDF in Excel Sheet?
01:21:40 How To Convert PDF To Excel
01:26:05 How to Insert Tick Mark in Excel?
01:29:05 How to add Watermark in Excel?
01:32:00 How to Increase Cell Size in Excel?
01:34:50 How to create Barcode In Excel
01:38:08 Excel Flash Fill
01:43:00 How to Add Hyperlink In Excel
01:55:44 Excel Round-Off Formula
01:58:18 How To Calculate Standard Deviation In Excel?
02:04:50 Index Match In Excel
02:09:10 How to Sort by Date in Excel?
02:10:40 How to Use AutoSum In Excel
02:13:47 How To Sort Data In Excel?
02:23:56 Slicer and Filter in Excel
02:27:49 How to Add Filters in Excel
02:29:20 Goal Seek In Excel
How to Create Drop-Down List In Excel?
02:44:46 Data Validation In Excel
02:44:50 How To Lock(Protect) Cells In Excel
03:17:55 How To Calculate Average In Excel?
03:18:43 Excel Print Page Setup
03:36:47 Page Break In Excel For Beginners
03:08:53 Conditional Formatting In Excel
03:41:56 How to Count Colored Cells in Excel?
03:47:54 DateDif In Excel Explained
03:51:08 Remove Duplicates In Excel
03:55:05 SUMIFS Formula in Excel
04:02:40 How To Create Pivot Tables In Excel
04:07:00 Autofill In Excel Explained
04:10:22 How to Calculate Percentage In Excel
04:12:08 How To Highlight Duplicates In Excel?
04:16:04 Charts In Excel
04:21:56 Progress Tracker In Excel
04:25:50 Excel Gantt Chart Tutorial
04:28:48 Pivot Tables In Excel
04:57 Pivot Charts in Excel and How to Create a Pivot Table Using Multiple Sheets in Excel
06:45:02 Time Series Analysis in Excel
07:37:00 Excel Dashboard Design
08:47:00 Excel Power Query Tutorial For Beginners
09:44:44 Excel Budget Template
09:51:37 Excel Interview Questions And Answers

⏩ Check out the Excel tutorial videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPkmWE4JCfE&list=PLEiEAq2VkUUKf8aLrspLg3zuyJ5S-5K5S

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