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Adobe Illustrator Crash Course 2023 (for complete beginners)

Adobe Illustrator Crash Course 2023 (for complete beginners)

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Having trouble navigating Adobe Illustrator? Don’t worry. Because in this video I’m going to guide you through a crash course in Illustator. Here I’ll cover all the essential tools and basics you need to know.

Download the exercise file here: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/7wc0cdezmfc5kvdp2f74b/sketch.jpg?rlkey=1x2glypbrmww0s8zmevimj79b&dl=0

Pen Tool Crash Course: https://youtu.be/PAstYyvkrr0


00:00 – Intro
00:25 – Illustrator what is it?
02:12 – Quick Run Through
06:42 – Type Tool
15:26 – Shape Tools
22:48 – Lesson Exercise
26:05 – Pen Tool
32:16 – Gridlines

Let me know what you’d like to learn next in the comments 💬

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Comments (29)

  1. Where are you from in the uk?

  2. What is control zed?

  3. more than 10 years of experience in photoshop TOTALLY GONE switching to Illustrator lol

  4. Great tutorial! Do you have a tutorial for Illustrator for iPad? For some reason Illustrator on the iPad confuses me more than the desktop version (which I don’t have access to anymore). Thanks!

  5. awesome Than you

  6. When I am using the pen tool, I have the fill set to no colour and the stroke set to red but it still keeps filling in with colour. 🤔

  7. Thanks for this tutorial. I have been working with Photoshop and started learning using Illustrator now. I learned a lot from the video!

  8. tnks ustaad

  9. 🦍

  10. all the time seme shit, you make that in video,why I cannot do it???????

  11. Thanks!💯

  12. One of the best tutorials I have ever seen! I remember back before everything was on YouTube, having to try to learn something like this from a book. It's amazing how in a couple minutes of watching you do something you explained what would have been extremely hard to explain otherwise. I almost never bother to download exercise files, but for this I did. Great way to show the difference between the curvature tool and the pen tool. I had no idea when using the pen tool you wanted to go horizontally or vertically with the … whatever the "bends" in the arcs are called. Thanks again – I have been downloading tutorials on tpb, and honestly the quality of "paid" tutorials seems no better thn what is on YouTube!

  13. You are super great teacher

  14. thank's a lot for your work very well explained !

  15. Thank you so much for this video

  16. Excellent video! As a newbie, this video has been immensely helpful! I thank you and have subscribed. I am actually feeling a bit more at ease with Illustrator just from watching and following along and cannot wait to practice those images. Thank you again for you hard work in putting this video together. Off to go watch the pen video now!

  17. 😊I'm embarrassed to say that I couldn't keep up but I think it's because I've always found Adobe ______and also the Word Suite to be too cluttered to figure out. Is there an Adobe Illustrator (2024) for extreme beginners or even a simplistic picture book?

  18. Thank you for this! I have the Classroom book, but this video is very helpful for my coursework. Thanks again!

  19. you a good teacher l love your explanation.

  20. At 32:47 how does he remove the background from the original pencil drawing? In my Illustrator, I still have the paper so I don't get the grid behind the drawing

  21. ❤❤❤

  22. God bless him I am new to this and jeez it was too fast and using shortcuts was not helpful as I need to learn how to use the mouse. Thanks have can't finish the video to fast to follow. Didn't feel beginner friendly. Thanks for making video though.

  23. Why does this guy looks like G-eazy 🙂

  24. what does command means im on windows

  25. after this video.. i think I can create powerful logos LOL I love this.. thank you so much.. it's my first time using AI

  26. Today is my first day learning about design in general wish me luck

  27. thank you

  28. Hello do you do custom work?

  29. This was an awesome video! I learned a ton and sub'd 🙂

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