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8 Things I know about … Web design trends for 2024

8 Things I know about … Web design trends for 2024

As web technology evolves, we anticipate a variety of new and timeless design trends will distinguish the best websites in 2024.

8) Cinema-style video panels – Add full-screen video on your homepage and core pages to bring products and services to life. Full-screen video stories immerse potential clients with your brand experience and can result in an 88% increase in the average time spent on page.

Emma Pagano is strategic director at Pagano Media in Worcester.

7) Rich color palette – Pantone predicts 2024 will be driven by a palette of rich and extraordinary colors bringing expressive beauty to the everyday. Energetic brights, natural shades, and classic tones set the stage for a colorful year. Check out horizon blue, sun orange and burnished lilac.

6) Hand-drawn graphics – They invite visitors to appreciate your artistry, attention to detail, and uniqueness. Consumers tune out stock photography and templated patterns. Originality resonates and separates you from the crowd.

5) Overlapping design elements – Overlapping design elements (such as text and images) create depth and dimension. It is important to create and layer elements so they are mobile-optimized.

4) Interactive design – The average visitor time on a webpage is only 54 seconds. Interactive elements encourage visitors to engage and stay longer. For example, architectural, construction, or contracting websites can incorporate a project budget calculator. Audiences can tailor products/services and determine how each impacts cost. Visitors may be more likely to inquire after seeing a ballpark estimate.

3) Micro-animations – Small animations guide visitors through the website journey. Used selectively, an element that bounces, fades, or slides captures attention. For example, a pulsing “Play” button over video.

2) Targeted forms – A primary purpose of websites is lead generation. Instead of using an out-of-the-box template, personalize a form with an inviting image.

1) ADA accessibility – Follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, designed to help people with disabilities. Tools like accessiBe use machine learning for AI-powered screen readers and keyboard navigation.

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