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5 Ways to Make Your Web Design Skill Profitable

5 Ways to Make Your Web Design Skill Profitable

 Generally, you will have a lot to glean from this article before you enroll to learn web design and development.

While discussing with an acquaintance a few days ago, we got talking about how Nigerians are leveraging the internet to build profitable businesses. When I talked about the importance of the skill, his first reaction was, “Is there still money to be made as a web designer/developer? Everyone seems to be a web designer these days,” he added.

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We ended the discussion agreeing that why most web designers and developers do not make money from this art due to a lack of business skills. This is one of the things you need to know before you enroll to learn web design and development. 

Is Web Design and Development Skill Profitable in Nigeria?


The simple answer to that question is – it depends. Here is the longer answer.


I’ve been in the business of web design and development for over five years now, but I use my skill mainly to build my own business and not other people’s. It was recently I started offering web design/development services for other business owners.


However, if you decide to look at it, having basic web design/development skills is an added advantage in this information-driven society. That is, whether to earn side income, build your own internet-based business, or even get a job.


5 Ways to Make Your Web Design Skill Profitable


Generally, learning web design and development can benefit you in many ways. As such, I learned HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL on the job over a period of years. That doesn’t mean it is the best way to learn. Significantly, you can learn the basics of these skills within a few days through structured training, and then develop your skill through continuous practice.


That said, here are ways to make profitable use of your skill. They are also relevant for you before you enroll to learn web design and development.


1. Offer your skill as a service

This is obvious, but before you start offering web development services be sure to build at least your own website. Ideally, I believe anyone with the right attitude can succeed in the business. In reality, the web design industry is clustered. However, if you are willing to stand out by continuous practice, you can carve out your own niche of paying customers.


2. Get a job

As businesses are embracing online presence, having basic web design and development skills in addition to your qualification can be an added advantage to getting a job.


3. Build your own business

This is my favorite. Precisely, you can use your basic web design and development skill to manage and maintain a professional blog like this one, or any web application. Think IrokoTV, Bellanaija, Nairaland ,among others. You don’t have to understand web programming language to build such websites but having basic web skills will always be an added advantage.


4. Work with other developers for large projects

Generally speaking, the developer community is powerful when you work as a team. Thus, anything can be achievable when a team of smart developers comes together. Also, background knowledge in web programming offers you the opportunity to develop your skills while working with other experienced developers.


5. Teach your newly learned skills

As you continue to develop your skills by working on real-life projects, you can decide to train others. Moreover, web design and development skills can offer you self-empowerment and employment. There are several ways you can leverage your skill to earn money, build a business or get a job.

In conclusion, before you enroll to learn web design and development, you need to have a basic idea of what it is and what to expect afterward. However, the article has done the harder task for you. 

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